P&C Weekend Update

 I found Rudolph.
Rudolph the Red Nosed Cat

He’s a bit fluffier than I remember.

Also?  Not a he.

I checked.

The ornaments on the tree keep mysteriously shifting.

Bear and Owl Christmas Ornaments // Funny Ornaments

I guess they wanted to gaze longingly into each other’s [creepy] eyes.

I can’t stop eating soup.

Quick and Easy Broccoli Cheese Soup

Whether they’re made from cauliflower, potatomushrooms, broccoli, or balls

I can’t get them into my face fast enough.

During the rare moments that I’m not stuffing soup into my face, I’ve been working on decorating the casa.  I  even added another frame to my gallery wall.

Staircase Gallery Wall
I did not, however, remove the “pretend family” photos from the frames yet.
I’m contemplating naming them first.

Also?  This happened.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters
We’re Santa’s little helpers.
The kind that freeze the other elves panties and get kicked out of the workshop.That’s all for this edition of P&C Weekend Update, what did you do this weekend!?


  1. Shauna Bayes says

    Your pictures of your kitty are always so cute! I wish Loki wasn’t so black. Lol. It’s hard to take pics. I also really need to make some of that soup. The more pictures you post the more I want some. And Paul must have won some kind of award if there was one. He looks pretty damn tacky. Lol.

    And what did I do this weekend? Crafty stuff. But I have not put on actual clothes the whole time.

  2. jeri says

    Absolutely you must name the pretend families. I seem to have spent most of my weekend (and money) in Walgreen’s getting 100 more lights, ten more candles and way too many tacky stocking stuffers. And yet another pair of xmas pajama pants.

  3. says

    “I can’t get them into my face fast enough!” sweetgoodness Jenn, I literally laughed out loud when I read this (okay, and I may have snorted a little too)! Thanks for that!

    Oh, and I think you should totally name your “pretend family”. Oh man, your wacky sense of humour gets me everytime <3 X love

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