Holiday Tree-dition 2012: My Favorite Holiday Tradition!

Here in the Peas and Crayons household [or is it Peas and Crazy? I can’t tell at this point!] we have a little Christmas tradition.  Each year we buy two new ornaments for the tree.  In light of our nicknames for each other [P calls me Bird and I call him Bear] Paul buys me a bird ornament while I try to hunt down the least creepy bear I can find.  That bear dressed as jolly St. Nick?  Freaks me out.  It reminds me of the transgender wolf in Little Red Riding Hood.  I can practically hear him growling “…the better to eat you with my dear!”  Pass.

So without further adieu, here is our shrubbery of animals:

bird christmas ornament
bear christmas ornament

His feet move.  It’s a bit ridiculous how much I love that.

All that’s left is to name the little creeper.  Any suggestions?

What’s your favorite holiday tradition?


  1. Alisha says

    Hootie! Speaking of, I really do love me some Hootie and the Blowfish ha!
    Such a fun tradition you guys have going. :)

    Happy Monday!

  2. says

    Soooooooooo cute!!!! I’m obsessed with the owl and the bear from 2010! The tradition in my family growing up consisted of getting a new Christmas ornament every year and my parent’s gave us the entire box of them when we got married. I actually tried to talk to my hubs about starting a tradition like this (but not using our nicknames b/c he calls me Boo Boo and I call him Papa Pootie Bear) but something else like it. I love the whole idea!

  3. says

    What a sweet holiday tradition! 😀 I’m thinking the owl should be named Who-liday. Owls “who” right? (I crack myself up.) The hubs and I have moved around a lot over the past several years so we haven’t quite settled down enough to create any long-lasting holiday traditions yet. I guess right now our holiday tradition is being non-traditional. 😉

  4. says

    I can’t handle the cuteness from the ornaments, and from you and P. Too much to take right now. And thanks for listening to me vent today chica 😉

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