about that recipe…

I promise I had every intention of posting the recipe for this pot of deliciousness today: 

I did.  The post was super duper ridiculously close to being finished.  Then P got home from work early and I decided supergluing myself to his side sounded like a fantastic way to spend the afternoon.  He’s on an adjusted schedule [Has anyone seen last week’s episode of New Girl?  We’ve been quoting it non-stop!] and works the most random hours of life.  I’ve sent him off to work with coffee at midnight one day, three AM the next day, and then this morning?  I have no idea!  I overslept like a champ =)  Anywho!  I miss him.  So I’m totally going to go bug the living crap out of him now.  I’ll make it up to you.
With cookies.
Because that’s how I make up for shafting you without a post.  Don’t you wish I would run away more often?  Baked goods for everyone!


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    I don’t want cookies I want to know the recipe for the soup or other deliciousness. I can’t be won over that easily. Who’s a jerk now? Miss you/ your humor.

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    Uhh.. I know that “not seeing your spouse enough then bothering the living crap out of him when he’s around” feeling all too well. (That was a longggg run on sentence. Husbands over internet, I say. =) Husbands over cookies? That might be another story!

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    I totally understand crazy schedules – my poor husband is totally suffocated the few hours a week I see him!! Sounds like your priorities are in the right place :)

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