WIAW #96 + What I Ate… on Thanksgiving!

Update: IADDEDPHOTOSATTHEBOTTOMYAY!!!!!!! — (I’m a wee bit coffee drunk!)

Hookay so here’s the deal.  My laptop has not only broken in two, but has also crashed repeatedly since a certain unidentified ginger has gotten a hold of it.  Retrieving my What I Ate Wednesday photos from said computer is totally a lost cause at the moment.  Not to worry, we’re going to sit down and have a little heart to heart and hopefully get things back on track until santa can deliver me the new computer I requested.  At the very least  a pony.  Until then, I have P’s computadora.  Thanks muffin!

Side note — should I be capitalizing santa?  Is it santa… Santa… or “OMG SANTA!!!!!!!!!!”  I’m serious people!  I fear that if I offend that jolly old creeper I’ll never get that pony.  Which would be beyond unfortunate seeing as Cat and I have already named him.  Well sorta.  We’re torn between Jamiroqaui and The Pony Formerly Known as Prince.  If all else fails I’ll just call him Cupcake.
So What I Ate Wednesday… here’s what we’re going to do!

Since we’re smack dab in the middle of all that is Thanksgiving right now, let’s take a cue from last year’s festive WIAW shenanigans and combine parties.  You can party down with your standard What I Ate Wednesday post today or stop by tomorrow and show us what you ate ON Thanksgiving!  Or you can be an obnoxious overachiever and do both [and by obnoxious, I mean AWESOME!] — Totally up to you!  I’ll leave the party open all week long so you can stop by and toss your party pants on at any time!  And if you show up post turkey coma, pantsless, and hung over from one too many slices of pumpkin pie well…. that’s okay too!  Stop by anytime and show us what you ate!  

One of my favorite things about reading WIAW posts around the holidays is seeing all the delicious diversity in meals and traditions.  Not one family eats the same meals, sides, snacks, and sweets and getting a glimpse into all the different spreads and celebrations… gah I just love it!  I also adore getting to know you crazy kids a bit better!  So share a little, or share a lot!

I’ll upload all my turkey day pix to P’s computer so I can properly partake in the party with you.  I wouldn’t miss it for the world! <3

What I Ate on Thanksgiving
Peas and Crayons

What I Ate… on Thanksgiving!
Ohmygosh so much YUM!
This is just what I managed to snap photos of, since spending the entire day dancing around, cooking, and thoroughly trashing my kitchen merits my full attention =) There were many unpictured spoonfuls shoved into my face for the sake of taste-testing as I cook, as well as a few adult beverages to keep things interesting.  I blame the amazon for getting me hooked on Sam Adams Cherry Wheat beer.  It’s quite heavenly!
I made a new batch of crockpot cranberry sauce since the first two batches found their way into my stomach entirely too quickly!  The entire day was spent taste testing it while it simmered away.  For the sake of science of course!  [at least that’s what I tell myself!]  While P and I tore up the kitchen, we whipped up a few festive snacks that were in our faces in record time.  First a platter of stuffed mushrooms [minus the 5 or 10 mushrooms that were already in our faces by the time I got my camera out!], then some hot spinach artichoke dip [recipe coming soon!], followed by an unreasonable amount of carrot chips for the sole purpose of keeping my face out of the stuffing all day.  It worked.  Kind of.  Sort of.  Ok it didn’t work, but I got my beta carotene in for the day!
The spread for dinner?  So much yum!  I had the small mountain of veggies pictured above plus extra mushroom-veggie stuffing b/c its my faaaaaaaaavorite and I only make it once a year!  I made enough to last me the entire week so you might see it pop up in next week’s WIAW as well!  If you guys aren’t all thanksgiving-ed out I can post the recipe.  Just let me know! <3
On today’s agenda?  Trying to keep my credit card away from the amazing interweb sales CB2 and West Elm are having [ahhhhh and failing miserably!] and finding fun ways to stuff the Thanksgiving lefltovers into my face yet again.  So far we’ve been attacking the Cranberry Spread like wild animals.
Hope you guys had a fantabulous Thanksgiving! 
Link up your Turkey Day eats above!


  1. says

    Happy Thanksgiving Jenn!!!
    We don’t celebrate it over here in the UK but I can’t wait to check out everyone else’s party shenanigans. I’m sure it’ll leave me feeling warm, fuzzy & festive. Yay it’ll be Chrimbo soon! :) xx

  2. says

    OK… The Pony Formerly Known as Prince is officially the best name for a pony I’ve ever heard in my entire life. I think that’s why Santa (capital S) never brings kids actual ponies for Christmas… because they say document in their letters to the North Pole that they intend on naming it something dumb like Glitter or Dora the Explorer. I will buy you a pony MYSELF (if the fat man falls through) just so The Pony Formerly Known as Prince can exist in this world. You just made my day. Happy Thanksgiving, love! xO

  3. says

    I don’t get to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family this year! The Dr. thinks I might have mono, but I won’t know for sure until next week so I can’t take the chance of getting my family sick. Boooooooooooooooooo!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  4. Jo says

    The Pony Formerley Known as Prince would be *the* coolest pony on the block/in the paddock/field/wherever ponies hang out. Brilliant :)


  5. says

    Oh my fave is definitely seeing what others have for holidays!

    I want to participate, but I usually lick my plate clean and THEN remember to take a pic of my plate. 😉 I’ll try to do it though!

  6. says

    Hey Jenn!! So I JUST started my own blog, and while I wasn’t ready for WIAW this week, I really want to get in on it next week. (You’re a genius for starting it, by the way) I’m completely technology challenged though and I don’t want to do it wrong. Do I just copy and paste the text in the box below the WIAW image and put it in my own post? Thanks!

  7. jeri says

    Things I am thankful for this year: 149 WIAW posts to postpone making the dreaded lasagna! I mean, really, is pasta necessary on top of everything else? But it was a special request, so I said yes. I know your faithful followers will get me in the proper holiday mood. That and the taste-testing of the Thanksgiving wine. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone else’s overboard tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for your always entertaining Peas and Crayons.

  8. says

    Hiya girlie, I can’t put up my link this time!

    They give me this error:

    The link you entered does not contain a backlink to this site

    Please create a backlink to this site to be allowed to enter your own link

    Any idea what is up? :(

  9. says

    Thanks for doing what you do lady!

    You are awesome for posting without your laptop…eek sorry about that btw. I’d probably be crying and telling everyone they could go without me posting until I got a new one.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!! <3 <3

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