Let it Snow… Flake!

AHHHHH it’s Friday!!!!  I know you kids have much better things to do than hang around here listening to me ramble on about how you should eat your veggies [*spoiler alert* You should.  Right  now.] soooo let’s chat instead.

Tis the season to do a bit of shopping.  Ok a lotta bit of shopping.  I should really just say tis the season to use and abuse your credit card like there’s no tomorrow.  But that’s not what the holidays are about.  They’re about taking a break from our crazy hectic lives, flipping off the autopilot we’ve been running on all year, and taking precious time to be thankful/grateful/happy-as-a-bird-with-a-frenchfry for everything we have and the people in our lives that we’re lucky enough to enjoy it with.  And all that jazz =)

Even though the holidays aren’t about presents, chances are you’re going to want to purchase gifts for the folks putting up with your own personal brand of crazy on a daily basis.  Right?  Right!  After having way too much fun with my credit card, I had some fun with my packing materials.  It’s cheesy and cutesy but it’s also recycled paper that can be further recycled, upcycled or composted.  So there’s that.

Cute ECO Snowflake Christmas Packaging

Last year I nearly gave myself carpal tunnel making no less than 5 thousand million bajillion little snowflakes as an alternative to packing peanuts.  Good, clean fun?  Try fabulous, painful, I’d-rather-be-waterboarded, MESSY fun.  That’s much more accurate of a description of what went down last year.  It was fun though!  This year I made less snowflakes and filled the packages with nest-like shreded paper crinkles [they make colorful ones too! ahhh!] …of course that’s in addition to the snowflakes.  I cannot channel my inner Buddy the Elf without snowflakes!

As a result all my packages shall look like wintry bird’s nests.  I love nests!!!!! [and birds!]  And… OK I’ll shut up now.  I just had to share.  I can’t wait to finish my Christmas + Hanukkah shopping now!  Have you guys made any progress with yours?  Has your credit card reported you for abuse?  I hope not!  You should be nice to it.  Maybe outfit it with a shiny gold star?  Yeah that probably won’t help.

Cute ECO Snowflake Christmas Packaging

So if you’re going to run amuck doing this…


At least make the package look pretty too!

Though I’m a sucker for presentation.  You’ve seen my food.  I try to make even the plainest of veggies look fancy.  Except for olives.  They’re on their own!  Ooh and I totally forgot to mention the tins in the above photos are from IKEA.  I will probably end up stuffing them with these once I purchase a few dozen pounds of chocolate.

I *think* I’m going to attempt productivity today and do fancy things like laundry and grocery shopping.  I also hope to finish penning my Christmas cards!  Have you started yours?  Mine tend to turn into novel-worthy love letters or a slew of TWSS jokes about candy canes and elves.  Don’t ask.  


Happy Friday!


  1. says

    Love that idea! I am a sucker for cutesy packages. I always have to color coordinate my bags/paper to my tree, must use tulle to tie around gift, and I usually buy some of those cheap glittery snowflake ornaments to hang on the package as well. You know the cheap ones in the huge pack at craft stores for like five bucks!!

  2. jeri says

    When I got on my green kick I started using my shreddings for packing. I’ll bet just a few sheets of colored or metalic paper mixed in would make it more festive. Thanks for the inspiration. Now I just need to do it.

  3. says

    I can’t believe you made all those snowflakes! You are totally one of those women I get self-conscious when I think about who makes elaborate and beautiful wrappings and decorations and cards when I’m over here all covered in tape, thinking, “Is it too tacky to just shove all this crap in CVS gift bags with some wadded up tissue paper and call it a day?”

    Aka your wintery birds nests sound lovely :)

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