If they didn’t want us to lick the shark… There would have been a sign.

I promised to post a photo from the ball so….
Now go enjoy your Veteran’s Day and give LOTS of thanks to everyone who has ever served our country.  They kind of rock =)

Speaking of people who rock, my friends and family are uber supportive of this blog.  I get all warm and fuzzy inside when one of them gushes over a recipe they’ve tried or crack up over the bevvy of ball-themed antics that all too frequently grace these pages.  My absolute favorite, however, is hearing “I smell a blog post!!!” when we’re tearing up the town.  That’s precisely what went down at the birthday ball this weekend.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t the dress blues clad Marines breaking it down gangnam-style nor was it my assisted thievery of the birthday cake that prompted the need for documentation.  It was the defilement of a frozen shark.

I think it goes without saying that one does not simply admire a fancy ice sculpture.  That just seems wasteful.  Some dedicated individual lovingly carved that fancy flamingo or painfully accurate presidential bust while freezing their balls off, the least you can do is make proper use of it.  Applaud the artist.  Take a photo.  Make a fuss.  Heck – even lick it when no one is watching!  And after you’ve properly admired the artists handiwork, take a shot off it.

You won’t find this ice luge in the Olympics.


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    LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo of you and Paul! And what is it with the Ball and ice sculptures? We never had shark (that would have been WAY cooler), we have had out fair share of ice sculptures….and the whole licking it totally came to us too. HAHA!

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