[Spooky Snacks + Healthy Halloween Treats] WIAW #89

Ok that is a MOUTHFUL of a title!  I had an idea and I ran with it.  One might argue that I ran right into a wall ,but that’s to be determined at this point 😉

We’ve gone the snack route before and not only was it a huge success, it also gave us virtual smorgasbord of inspiration and ideas.  Since one of the most popular search engine queries right now is not only “Halloween Treats” but “HEALTHY Halloween Treats” — let’s give the interwebs a healthy dose of festive fruit, veggies, fiber, and fun!

*tones down cheesiness before things get out of hand*  

In all seriousness, holiday season is right around the corner [dare I say we run the risk of running into THAT wall?] and no one wants to wake up in a bed full of empty candy wrappers only to find chocolate smeared across their face and m&m’s in questionable places.  Laugh all you want, I know this has happened to some of you at some point in your life.  To protect the innocent I’ll refrain from naming names =)

So along with your WIAW post, share some healthy Halloween snack ideas!  You can show off a collecton of treats from friend’s blogs or whip up your own to share — even add in a few fall-inspired meals and snacks that have nothing to do with the holiday but everything to do with seasonal eats!  Spin it however you’d like and have fun with it this month!  If you run around in circles pumpkin-spicing everything from your morning coffee to your cat… that’s quite alright with me.  Just keep up the healthy eats!

WIAW Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats
[Breakfast] 16oz Blueberry Beet Banana Smoothie [my recent obsession – recipe coming soon!]  [Beverage] ACV Kombucha Mocktail [recipe[Lunch] Chips w/ salsa and queso, refried beans and rice, and shimp tacos with a small army of cilantro. Oh! and 2 glasses of water too =) [Snack] Two cinnamon oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies [recipe coming soon!] [Dinner] Homemade Sushi! [click here for my uber easy tutorial] I also had a jumbo glass of water and a magic hat #9
Homemade Sushi on Swirl Plate via Homegoods

I’m head over heels in love with this sushi serving platter from Homegoods!  It was only $5!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! <3

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats


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    Your food looks so good! We don’t really celebrate Halloween as much in the UK, but my sister and I always loved it as a child, probably because we had Disney tv, and watched all the ‘scary’ films! I’ll be interested to see the different Halloween healthy snacks as I haven’t got a clue! The Pumpkin Spice latte has reached the UK, and I plan on trying it for the first time this weekend, I don’t think I’ve had sweet pumpkin before! Happy Wednesday!

  2. says

    Love the new theme! Unfortunately when I checked the page yesterday, it hadn’t been updated and I didn’t even think of it changing. Oh well….next week I’ll be on board. I had a healthy halloween inspired treat anyway…pumpkin pie balls! Love the sushi dish!

  3. says

    I’m excited to run into a wall with you.

    In fact, I’ve done it before.

    (Teaching kids about reflecting light rays really makes more sense when you turn yourself into one and fly into a wall.)

    Also, I just cannot get over your sushi. I’ll bring the pickled ginger! [Once VeganMoFo is over of course ;)]

  4. says

    FYI, your sushi looks crazy!! I totally want to try it out, but it’s impossible to find tuna that’s sushi grade around here. Maybe I’ll try cooked shrimp or something. But, no, seriously, ridiculous!!

  5. says

    I love that you went pink! Kickass, girlie. Doin’ it for the tatas. Not linking up this week. Apparently I didn’t take pix of my noms. But I’m checking your sushi tutorial. If only Iowa got decent fish …

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    I haven’t really been thinking about Halloween yet, it’s not such a big thing here in the UK but something nice and October-y that I am desperate to try is the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte because it has finally made it over here this autumn! :) Your food looks delicious, especially the sushi!

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    I love the theme, and since I’ve been doing healthy snacks all week, this completely worked for me. It’s like you read my mind.
    Love the serving platter too; only $5, can’t beat that. Can’t beat some yummy Mexican food for lunch either. It all looks great.
    And if I haven’t said it before, thanks for hosting this every week. You rock.

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    I love the bowl! I have seen you post food pictures with it before and it is so cute. I want to get a glass straw but I am scared of it breaking/me dropping it. ha i’ll stick with the washable plastic ones for now.

  9. says

    That serving platter is so cute! I can’t believe it only cost $5!! It’s super stylish!
    I’m totally into breakfast smoothies at the moment and your blueberry/beet/banana combo sounds lush. Beautiful colour too! I’ll have to give it a try. Do you use raw beets or cooked?

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