What I Ate Wednesday #87 [FALL Into Good Habits + NYC Eats]

So I mentioned last week that some of my goals include running, oodles of recipe development, and a few other factors on the self-improvement front.  I’d also love to start brewing my own kombucha!  I have been going through a bottle ever 2-3 days making my ACV Kombucha Mocktails and could use a cheaper means of getting my fix!  Hellooo home brewing!  I’ll let you know how it goes!  I fell off the running bandwagon a bit thanks to my NYC escapades but cannot wait to start back up this week now that I’m home and settled!  There also might be a little home gym construction in the works in the P&C household.  Once we get our stinkin’ AC fixed, that is =)

How about you?  What good habits are you trying to FALL into? =)
Share your September goals with us!

& as promised last week, here’s What I Ate.. in NYC! <3

There were some typical eats..  Lots of coffee, jamba juice carrot smoothies, bagels from Murray’s, hummus, and margherita pizza for days!

There were also some fancy eats
[with awful, awful, low-light, flash-ridden photos… such is life]

[Tuna Tartare] [Hummus Platter] 
[Arugula Salad with Beets, Goat Cheese, and Portobello Mushrooms]
[Best Grapefruit Cocktail of My Life] [Glazed Carrots] [Truffled Mashed Potatoes] [Ceviche] [The blogger/sisterwife I miss oh-so dearly. More on that later.] 
[Beets Carpaccio] [Margherita Pizza] [Carrot Cookie Cheesecake]
I’m going to keep this short and sweet [ha ha I’m so original] but I can’t say enough about sweet revenge!  I love the concept!  They pair imported wine and beers with their super-creative artisan cupcakes in a chill bar atmosphere.  Let’s just say that if my college bars had paired their booze with cupcakes I would have the world’s largest butt.  Luckily they didn’t!  But I’m head-over-feets for Sweet Revenge!  Paul went with the “Dirty” Cupcake pairing [Valrhona Chocolate Cake w/ Dark Chocolate Truffle + C’est La Vie Rose Wine] and I had the “Very Strawberry [Mexican Vanilla Cake w/ Strawberries and Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting + Lunetta Prosecco] I swooned.  Hard.
Hookay soo… there’s a lot more where this came from [I spent nearly a week running around the city!] but if I upload one more photo you guys are going to go into foodie overload.  Can’t have that happening when we have a party to attend!
Show us your eats! <3
Peas and Crayons


  1. Sprint2theTable says

    Cupcakes and cocktails is BRILLIANT! ad yes – thank god that didn’t exist when I was in college. I wanna to to NYC!!!

  2. Andrea @ Vegvacious says

    Those cupcakes sound heavenly…and with booze ~ oh baby!! LOL
    PS – I had a little issue above and for some reason my photo didn’t download – sorry!!!

  3. Emily Morris says

    Oh I am drooling over the Sweet Revenge cupcakes. I am going to the city soon and this has been added to the list. So much fun in the big city!

  4. says

    Is it weird that I think the UNfancy food looks better? I’m considering abandoning veganism for both that pizza and the eggy bagel.
    That cupcake sounds like heaven…did someboday say Prosecco???

  5. Amy B @ Second City Randomness says

    I still haven’t quite gotten back on the workout wagon since my half, so I’m with you there. Which needs to change. I have another half marathon in a month!

  6. says

    I totally can’t wait to see what you put together in your home gym!!! I’m thinking of possibly expanding out of that little room & invest in some tires that might fit in the back yard. 😉 I can picture several tire flipping sessions in my head right now. I wonder if I can make it work….

  7. Dana @ Conscious Kitchen Blog says

    Sweet Revenge sounds amazing! Putting on my list for my next trip to NYC. Glad you had a nice trip.

  8. runwithspoons says

    Yay for travel edition WIAW’s! I just posted my eats from Disneyland 😀 And I commend you for being brave enough to brew your own kombucha. My mom’s been brewing all sorts of strange kefir-y things lately, but I’m too scared to… I’m afraid that I’ll do something wrong and it’ll end up making me sick lol. Would definitely save a pretty penny though.

  9. susan @ susonia says

    Oh, homemade kombucha!! Would love to try that as well, but I’m a little scared of the whole fermenting part of it. Your NY pizzas look fantastic. I wish some place in Vancouver would finally sell some decent pizza, but no luck so far…

  10. Joanna says

    I’ve definitely got a laboratory background, and even I’m afraid of home-brewing! But, yeah, I do not like the price tag of the store stuff, so it might have to happen. I have to confess that a guy I dated used to do it–but at the time I wasn’t a kombucha fan (yet!) so I thought it was weird. He had a case of empty beer bottles that he bought (like buying a case of mason jars). I’d guess he was buying the bottles for their darker tint, but I haven’t read up on the subject yet. Definitely let me know how it goes for you!

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