IOU a WIAW and other such shenanigans

Hookay soo… I had every intention of whipping up a a What I Ate Wednesday post during my post-deployment honeymoon in NYC.  Unfortunately I failed miserably and have spent this entire week following my husband around like a lost puppy instead.  When I get home and settled I will give you my full foodie report of my eats and maybe a few recipes for good measure.

But today you get a big fat IOU instead.  
Ok Ok! An IOU and a photo of one of the dishes I scarfed last night:

I promise to whip up the rest of my WIAW the second I get home from the honeymoon travels.  You guys will come to my rescue this week and pick up my slack, right?  Your posts are always *way* better than mine anyways so… show me your eats! <3 

This month our theme revolves around FALLing into good habits!
Peas and Crayons

Want to join in on the fun?  


  1. says

    Totally unrelated to food (I think) or post deployment honeymoon (I think) but you have really great hair! If you ever want to share your secrets (nutrition helpers?) (honeymoon hair?) PLEASE do! I’m looking for a change.

  2. says

    From my perspective, you didn’t fail at all! Not even close! You are doing what is good and healthy for you right now and that’s spending every waking moment relishing in the return & presence of your husband :) That’s exactly what I would be doing (I am quite the cling-er myself). I applaud you for letting less important things like a blog post or a WIAW take a back seat to what really matters in your life. Good for you and you don’t owe us/me anything ;). Have a blast on the rest of your post-deployment honeymoon and, seriously, don’t worry about us – we’ll all still be here when you get back :).

  3. Rachel @ Eat, Learn, Discover! says

    wait, you’re in NYC and you didn’t say hi to me?! How dare you! Just kidding :-) I do hope you’re enjoying the lovely city, eating lots of bagels and enjoying fabulous veggie restaurants (among other things of course).

  4. Maria MacDonald says

    That pic of you and your hubs is too cute!! Silly faces :)) I loooove block rockin’ beets! Happy trails to you btw! xo

  5. jeri says

    Wow, I can’t believe how may people you have doing WIAW. I actually started a file in my favorites of some of the blogs I especially like. Congratulations on a great invention.

  6. says

    Haha I know, I know! I was too busy following P around like a lost puppy! But I’ll be back in NYC shortly — maybe we should have a giant NYC blogger party of sorts since there are SO SO SO many bloggers near you! I’m jealous — I want to move there!

  7. says

    haha thanks!!!! I *just* got bangs last month and have to re-learn how to style my hair now! There’s two products I can’t live without: 1. Big Sexy Hair’s Smoothing Shine Spray [or however they word it!] and 2. Rusk’s W8less Hair Spray — both keep my naturally curly, frizzy, wild hair in check!


  8. says

    I’m amazed that the blog even gets a look in now that the stunningly handsome marine is back in your life. He must be a huuuuge distraction!!!
    I’ve failed miserably to photograph food this summer and have missed so many WIAWs. I am falling into new habits for Fall though, so I’ll get snapping and join the party tomorrow. Can’t wait! x

  9. says

    Aww thanks Sharon!!! He’s finally back at work so I can get some serious blogging done. Hopefully. Right now i’m getting some serious procrastinating done instead =) hehe! You’ll be back in WIAW action before you know it! MWAH!

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