What I Ate Wednesday #77

coffee, water, and a homemade banana zucchini muffin [recipe coming soon!]
[workout snacks]
my friend shauna and I took a few group fitness classes at the usmc’s fitness center [we usually take a few strength/toning classes along with a sweaty cardio sesh] and during our break we refueled with some snacks!  I swiped a few of S’s apples and PB [thanks love!] and had a two degrees apple pecan quinoa bar along with copious amounts of water.  On the drive home from the gym I tore into a bag of plain, unsalted almonds.
[snack #2] a jumbo under-ripe banana, chilled  [lunch] Amy’s Indian Vegetable Korma  [snack #3] a ridiculous amount of vegetables and veg puffs with my spinach and veggie dip  [dinner] field green and spinach salad with sprouts, cucumber, garden-grown tomatoes, goat cheese, topped with strawberry balsamic vinegar with a side of veggie patch falafel 

To help kick my core strength into gear, I’ve been happily joining the plank-a-day club and spending as many shaky minutes as I can in plank position.  It’s one of those exercises that’s simultaneously easy and difficult — easy to get into position… hard to stay there =)  Factor in that it’s quick and effective and I’m pretty much sold.  My instructors on base have taught me a zillion and one variations of this isometric move and I try to do a few each day.
I’ve also been practicing my push-ups at home so that I avoid publicly faceplanting in my group fitness classes.  I’m sure no one actually notices; however, the snort/giggle I let out every time I fall flat on my face is a dead giveaway.  Whoops.

Thats all for me, folks!  I’m keeping things short and sweet today since I’m terribly boring and rather hear all about you! <3  So spill it!

Peas and Crayons

Want to join in on the fun?  


  1. Sprint2theTable says

    Hooray for push ups!  I would totally busy out into laughter if I face planted too.  Nervous laughter.  Kind of like when I get a little *too* relaxed at the end of yoga.  LOL!

  2. says

    It’s wild how quickly people post on this linky party after it goes live. 5 minutes and it’s already on its (almost) 5th row! Anyway, the veggie dip looks great and the plank pic is hilarious although (I hope) not true 😛 wishful thinking.

  3. says

    Mmm, that bar sounds/looks delicious! And it has quinoa in it? Where did you find that gem? I just pinned that plank pic the other day in one of my late night PIN ALL THINGS craze…totally made me giggle. I seriously need practice on my pushups…it’s pathetic that I can toss medium-sized dumbbells around with the rest of them in the weight room, but I can’t do more than 8 pushups on my toes! :-/

  4. says

    Hi, Jenn!  I just did my first WIAW :)!  I love your blog and all your awesome creativity that shines through.  And I shall tell you that you’re not alone!  I, too, practice push-ups secretly at home..These days I’m working on my chaturanga.   These people make it look soooo easy, while I end up looking like that elephant, for sure :(.  Not cool..

  5. Jennifer@TheFoodery says

    Hahaha! That is so cute! But you know that elephant looks like it’s having more fun than the model. Happy planking! :)

  6. says

    Elephants always have more fun. I channel my inner goofball in class and wiggle my but when I first move down into a plank…. it gives me one last giggle before extreme planking concentration goes down =) haha

  7. says

    I found them at Fresh Market this past week and LOVE THEM!!!!!!!! The apple pecan is the best flavor IMO and they’re slightly chewy like a rice krispees treat but not mushy… not crunchy… just perfect! Lots of great ingredients and they donate care packages to hungry kids with each one of your purchases — like TOMS!

  8. says

    One day I participate in WIAW…WAHHH!! :( 
    And so far my fitness routine has been a gazillion trips to the bathroom night/day. It’s basically my main source of exercise right now haha! :)

  9. says

    Ariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I’ve known you for years and you neeeed too! =) We need to have a bloggy bff anniversary where that is your gift to me. Just sayin’

    I’m sure those gazillion trips count as kegels and towards your walking total for the day– bonus! haha

    Love you mucho!

  10. Erica Jordan says

    YES to that planking pic hahahah

    that little veggie and dip plate looks more than delicious! ive said it before…come cook for/with me :-)


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