WIAW #67 [What I Ate… in NYC!]

Peas and Crayons
NYC Highlights and Superlatives:
Because if I showed you everything you’d probably run screaming for the door.
Or something like that.
Please excuse my atrocious camera phone photos — I’ve never traveled with Sweet D before and I kept forgetting he/she/it existed.  My amazing night with Cat and Gina?  [ok that sounds saucy… well, it was!]  Didn’t even make it on camera somehow.  Bah! #bloggerfail!  Obviously this means I have to go BACK to NYC and get it right next time around.  Right after I win the lottery.

Hookay!  So let’s get our superlatives on!
-Best Bevvy-
Jamba Juice Orange Carrot Karma.  It’s one of the healthiest [and in my opinion tastiest] options on their menu and I love it so.  This beauty is loaded with mango, banana and fresh orange/carrot juice.  Yes I drank this while sitting on the floor.  of the airport.  in flip flops. Something I probably could have caught the ebola virus doing but somehow it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Oh well, at least I got the immunity boost!
jamba juice carrot orange mango juice smoothie
-Best Breakfast Evahhhh-
Pshhh — try best thing I ever ate in NYC!  Murray’s Bagels is out of this world amazing and something I will probably crave for the rest of my life.  I ordered TWO breakfasts [saved half of each for lunch] and was so freaking glad I did.  Had I missed out on either of these bagels it would have been a complete and utter travesty.  I ordered egg and cheese on a seedy whole grain bagel and veggie cream cheese on a pumpernickel bagel.  They couldn’t have been more perfect =)  If any NY bloggers want to mail me a dozen of these bad boys I’ll pretty much love you forever.  *swoon*
murrays bagels nyc pumpernickel egg cheese veggie cream cheese
-Quirkiest and Most Sketch-Free Lunch-
Egg salad and arugula on whole wheat bread with sparkling orange juice from Pret a Manger.  Pret creates handmade, natural food, avoiding obscure chemicals, additives and preservatives” well played.  “absolutely no nasties” rock. on.
nyc pret a manger egg salad with arugula sandwich sparkling orange juice no nasties
-Most unique appetizer-
Caracas Arepas Bar‘s Yoyos:  Sweet plantains with white cheese fried in cinnamon plantain batter and drizzled with syrup.  Of course they rocked.
nyc caracas arepa bar yoyo cinnamon plantains
-Best Pairing-
Basil and fresh mozzarella pizza from Pizza Suprema pairs oh-so-perfectly with lactaid for this lactose intolerant cheese fiend.  It’s a glorious thing when my tummy and my tastebuds get along.
nyc pizza suprema fresh mozzarella and basil ny pizza lactaid
-Most likely to accompany alcohol-
The amazing spread at Evan and Ashley’s wedding.  The sushi bar had me floored and the hummus was probably the best thing I put in my mouth all night.
wedding food wiaw what i ate wednesday
and since we’re on the topic of Evan’s wedding and doing the whole superlative thing….
-something I do remember-
-something I don’t remember-
Thanks Matt.
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