What I Ate Wednesday #66

Hookay sooo… I totally just got back from NYC and… HOLY COW!  I think I’m in love.  In fact, I know it!  Trip photos?  Ummm… you’ll have to harass my jet lagged bootay for them another day.  This WIAW‘s day of eats took place last week before the jet setting, train hopping, and wedding festivities.  So without further rambling adieu, here’s a day’s worth of face-stuffage from last week.
Breakfast looked a lot like this:
wiaw eggs strawberries clementine
Only it was with a blood orange instead of clementines and scarfed so freakishly fast [at the buttcrack of dawn no less!] that there are no photo of its fluffy, citrus-y gloriousness.  Tragic, I know.  Can’t take me anywhere.
Snacks were also pretty fruity:
only ate one of these bad boys.  eating four in a sitting would be a tad nutty
lemon greek chobani yogurt snack wiaw
if i’m going to eat flavored yogurt, this is what I reach for!
wiaw lunch veggie patch falafel hummus greek yogurt
veggie falafel with roasted red pepper hummus and plain greek yogurt
rice hummus stuffed grape leaves wiaw
hummus and rice stuffed grape leaves
wiaw black bean jalapeno onion mrs renfros habanero cheddar quesadilla guacamole
black bean, jalapeno, onion, and habanero cheddar quesadilla with guac + greek yogurt
Overall a tasty day with more way more fruit than usual!  It must be the warm weather that’s influencing my snacking habits… I’m sensing boatloads of salads in my near future.  Also, I’m still trucking along with my goal to Veg Up with an Extra Cup of veggies each day all throughout the month, including while on vacation!  It was uber easy days and a little more challenging on others —  I’ll show you how I snuck them in while trotting around NYC in a follow-up post.  Count on it!  But for now, let’s see what you’ve been eating lately!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

Peas and Crayons

How are you serving up your extra cup of veggies?
Want to join in on the fun?  

Annnnnnd….. Since you made it all the way to the bottom of this post I guess you deserve some sort of sneak peek at my trip eh?  I think so too.  Will a photo of the random guy filming himself singing in the middle of Times Square count?
guy singing in times square
He’s special.
and so are you


  1. says

    I could eat Every One Of Your Photos, Jenn!  Of course, Not the guy in Times Square!!  Love stuffed grape leaves.  I love NYC too, so I’m jealous!  Happy WIAW!!

  2. Gothextramileblog says

    Everything looks soo delicious! So jealous you went to NYC. Love it there. There are some wild people. Perfect for people watching πŸ˜‰

  3. says

    Your falafel look yummy!  Love the NYC picture – it’s such a fantastic place.  Glad you had a great trip, thank you for the continued inspiration in the kitchen.

  4. Denise @ Crazy Mother Runner says

    I love your breakfast – it all looks so fresh.  I was in NYC this weekend too!  The weather on Friday and Saturday was beautiful – can’t wait to see your pics!

  5. Alexandra says

    For some reason the picture of those bananas is making me crave one like mad!! And yay for lemon chobani! Definitely one of the best flavors :)

  6. Adoctorandanurse.com says

    Hi Jenn, I hopped on your WIAW at the last minute this morning but don’t quite have my post together as a “real” WIAW follower.  Next week I will do better.  It has been great following your comments at Talia’s home Bitesizewellness.com.  Thanks so much for hosting this great hop, I can’t wait to post my weekly eats next week.  Thanks, Jana

  7. says

    That quesadilla looks so delicious!  I have never been to NYC but it is somewhere I would like to go.  Glad you had a good time!

  8. says

    bahaha girl the crazies are everyyyywhere! <3 Even in all the little military towns I’ve lived in! Once I saw a parrot on a motorcycle wearing a tophat and a guy walking a pet rabbit on a leash! LOVE IT! =) Happy wiaw Sylvia!

  9. says

    I grew up on FL and love it there too! Everywhere I have lived has been wonderful EXCEPT where I live now! lol — I would kill to move 2 hours west or south right now to civilization instead of chilling by the cow farm in BFE πŸ˜‰

  10. says

    Ok, I seriously can not read these WIAW posts at work. All your delicious meals make me want to scarf down the entire hot bar at Whole Foods, which is right next door to work and SO not wallet-friendly!!

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