[Veg it Up] with an Extra Cup!

Hookay so… I recently signed up for a 2 week “Veg Pledge” challenge with veggie gurus Green Giant via the Foodbuzz Tastemaker’s Program.  Pretty much a match made in heaven, right?  I am so excited!  For the challenge I’m pledging to eat an extra cup of vegetables every day, for two weeks.  Best.  Challenge.  Ever!

Wouldn’t this veggie pledge tie in fabulously with our WIAW shenanigans?  In February we focused on giving veggies a little LOVE, then in March we greened up our eating routine by striving to paint our plates with gorgeous green fruits, veggies and herbs.  Now let’s celebrate this April by taking the veggie madness even further:

Peas and Crayons

Let’s veg it up… with an extra cup!
Even a veggie-obsessed gal like me has trouble ensuring that I get enough vegetables sometimes, especially while my other half is deployed.  Some days of eats are uber veggie-heavy, while others fall short.  Lately I’ve fallen victim to the lure of the trusty peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which I could easily eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on any given day.

Other eats that have been in heavy rotation for me include whole grain cereal with coconut milk, greek yogurt with nutty granola, and grilled cheese sandwiches.  Wait — when did I turn into a 7 year old!?  Obviously I needed this challenge in my life.  My game-plan is to ensure that at least two of my meals each day include at least two servings of veggies.  I typically snack on fruit, but I’d like to make a point to eat more vegetables as snacks too!  I’ll touch base on my progress in my weekly What I Ate Wednesday posts — I hope you’ll join me and embrace more veggies!

So, since not all veggies were created equal in the size department, 

here’s a visual of what a cup of cooked veggies typically looks like:
cup of vegetables serving size portion control baseball
source: WebMD
Other examples of a cup would be an ear of corn on the cob, a large sweet potato, or a side salad.  A good general rule of thumb is to envision a baseball [above] or to practice measuring a few of your go-to veggies at home.  Many of us skip the measurements altogether and gravitate towards anything and everything veggie — which is absolutely amazing too! 
Anyone up for taking the veggie challenge with me?
Do you try to eyeball measurements or just grab as many veggies as you can?

Here’s how the party went down!
WIAW Veg Pledge #1  #2  #3


  1. says

    Ditto! I used to measure EVERYTHING so I had a mental picture of it all. Now I feel like one of those food network chefs that eyeball all the ingredients that go into a recipe! lol — though my oil “eyeballing” needs work. I get over-excited!

    Keep vegging it up girly! xoxo

  2. meghan @ scratch-made wife says

    I just told the husband this morning that I really need to start eating more vegetables. I have no problem fitting in fruit, but some days my veggie intake is seriously lacking. I’m in!

  3. says

    Great challenge and one I’m taking on this week after a week of vacation indulgence. :) Starting today with a green smoothie for breakfast big miso Kale Salad topped with Buffalo Tofu for lunch. Now to figure out dinner… :) 

  4. says

    This is a great challenge – I’ve fallen off the veg wagon lately too – I haven’t been feeling too well and I’ve totally been craving my comfort: CARBS! This is definitely a great way to get back on track and to maintain some control over the upcoming Easter Weekend!

  5. says

    Since last October our family (three people) ate 107 lb of cabbage…:) I didn’t count other vegetables, I just experimented with cabbage as we eat it a lot in different forms: salads, soups, sauerkraut, baked, sauteed, etc.  :)

  6. says

    I’m currently doing a Weight Watcher’s diet/exercise lifestyle shift … and veggies are my friend! This is an excellent challenge for everyone, regardless of their weight, age, dieting practices, whatever! Good for you in posting this idea!

  7. Sumara Doescher says

    I just love your blog, super beautiful and all the recipes are awesome! I have to follow for sure, keep it up!

  8. says

    I seriously grab as many veggies as possible. I love them haha. Sometime I overdose on too many veggies and get that awful fiber belly (tmi?) I’ll take on the challenge anyways

  9. says

    Love, love, love! I have been slackin’ big time on the veg department. I go through obsessions of my veg love and then I taper off again. I don’t really know why because I LOVE vegetables. Guess the challenge is on?? :) 

  10. Robyn :) says

    I got this LOL.  I made a huge cabbage salad that is going to last all week and I have been having one and a half cups for lunch, then I got a chinese veggie dish for dinner this evening and have had about a cup.  I also have some raw carrots in the fridge so I can definitely add an extra cup each day!  I just need to figure out my veggie meals for next week lol.

  11. Kyria_W says

    I am ready! I always try to eat veggie snacks too. I found it helps if I cut them up at the beginning of each week, so I have celery, carrots etc already in bite sized, easy snacking portions! 

  12. Lauren George says

    I”m totally on board for this challenge!! I’ve been really trying to pump up my veggies lately with green smoothies! Perfect timing for this challenge!

  13. says

    I’m with you all the way! I’ve kind of been challenging myself this way for the past couple of months ~ slowly trying to work my way up to consistently, daily, eating all the produce I should be. I love fruits and veggies, but like you said ~ some days I gravitate towards them, and somedays I just don’t.

  14. says

    Hubby was in charge of the collards last night, I’ll make sure we include some info on those soon. I’ve had two bad experiences with collards, but still love them and keep coming back for more! 

  15. says

    I am so with you on this pledge! Perfect timing too — I just changed my bi-weekly produce box from half veggies / half fruit to 2/3 veggies :)

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