[Recipe Quickie] Lentil Layer Dip

lentil layer dip
It’s official, the filling for my Lentil-Veggie Tacos makes for rockin’ leftovers!  
After eating tacos for a record three days in a row [worth it!] I decided that it would be very un-bloggerly of me if I didn’t explore other options with the dish.  I also promise to stop making up words.  Un-bloggerly?  Really?  Can’t take me anywhere.
Lentil Layer Dip
Layer 1  refried beans
Layer 2  Mrs. Renfros green salsa [or salsa verde]
Layer 3  Lentil-Veggie Taco filling [recipe]
Layer 4  grated cheese
Layer 5  diced jalapenos and chopped green onion
and if you have it — top with creamy greek yogurt and a dollop of guacamole… and fresh tomatoes!  or olives!  or…. wow I really need to go grocery shopping =)
Though it defeats the purpose of calling it a dip, slathering this concoction on a tortilla and making a crispy quesadilla is also another brilliant option.  I may or may not have had a lentil-veggie quesadilla for breakfast  last Wednesday.  Boot camp made me do it.
See?  Now you have another reason to make these bad boys:
What are you waiting for!?
[if your answer is for me to come over and make them FOR you then bribery is surely in order!]
Happy Easter!!!!!


  1. Joyce says

    Yum looks really good… Not a big fan of tex mex but this dip looks good!

    Joyce @

  2. Greek Food says

    That’s what I ‘ll eat for the next 3 days! I think Greek yogurt is something that should definitely be in, matching with lentils and all.

  3. says

    Yummy!! I need to start using lentils more as a meat substitute. I mostly use it for Indian cooking and soups, but I’ve seen things like dips, sloppy joes, burgers, etc made with it! I need to try this dip ASAP!

  4. Kaitlin @ TheGardenGrazer says

    Ohhh yum!!!! No such thing as too many lentils – very nice work with re-purposing the taco leftovers :) Love it!

  5. says

    You my friend are breaking down food barriers and building up delicious snacks…lentils in taco dip…who would have thought? It looks so good, it must be. There is no reason for it not to be…I can’t wait to try it.

  6. says

    What kind of bribery are we talking?  I can bake the pants off of just about anything.

    I thought about you this weekend.  I was in Asheville and one of the restaurants had chop chop on the menu…probably not as good as yours :)

    Have a happy Monday Jenn!

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