Cinco de Yum-O

I immediately regret that title =)

Flashback to my pain-in-ze-butt public speaking class where they made us watch and critique Rachel Ray’s TV presence on her show 30 Minute Meals.  I, of course, sat in the back row of the lofty lecture hall but didn’t let it stop my hand from jotting up the second my professor asked for an opinion.  “If she says EVOO or YUM-O one more time I’m pretty sure I might die!”  Surely she didn’t disappoint, and said it a few dozen times while I watched in horror.  Luckily I wasn’t prepared to off myself so close to graduation.  Well played RR, well played.

That being said, let’s get on with the cliche blogger cinco de mayo post.  Because, honestly, I freaking LOVE mexican food.  I think just about every other recipe on here is a fiesta on a plate.  But you won’t find any mystery meat or questionable processed cheese products here!  No way.

Because when it comes to Mexican food,

Sketch is out and VEGGIES are in! <3

Healthy Cinco de Mayo Mexican Recipes

Grab a fork, will ya?

jalapeno popper mini wonton egg quiche cups
Healthy Cinco de Mayo Recipes

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and my latest obsession: spicy sweet potatoes <3
spicy mexican sweet potato recipe
What Mexican dish makes you swoon?


  1. says

    I can I just say I am drooling uncontrollably now.  I have been eating Mexican food non-stop for the past week. I thought I was through but now I can definitely say I can going to go right back at it.  I love the veggie cups with cheese and oh those tacos. Yum-O!

  2. says

    Ahhh I’ve always oogled at your Mexican pizza lasagna, but I am ALL over that Fiesta Tuna this week!    Oooh ooh and also the quinoa-stuffed mushrooms!!   I’m suddenly craving Mexican food… good thing I’ve got all these recipes to satisfy my hunger :)

  3. TheMomChef says

    It all looks absolutely amazing. I don’t know what I would choose first, but at this particular moment, a towering plate of nachos (with the works) sounds perfect. :)

  4. Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love. says

     RR is pretty annoying to me too. I like some of her recipes, but she definitely bugs me. Oh, and I loveeeee Mexican food. I want one of all of these recipes!

  5. says

    Perfect post for the upcoming weekend. My parents will be in town one night only – Cinco de Mayo – and are coming from my hometown where Mexican food is authentic and outnumbers all the other restaurants combined. They will be expecting something delicious, and this post will help me a ton!

  6. says

    HOLY CLIFFHANGER BATMAN! Seriously I’m so royally pissed at Lauren Oliver for delaying the third book for a YEAR! Can you believe it’s going to take that long!? Torture! Whatcha reading next? I love that we’re book buddies!

  7. Lauren says

    Love and hate RR. Can’t decide. As for Mexican, it’s clear LOVE. I like the classics fish tacos, classic guac, a great margarita, you name it. 

  8. says

    this is what i love about blogs: i am a) reminded of impending holiday and b) in instances when i don’t have time/inclination to tax my brain creatively the plan is laid out before me. all i have to do is pick from the pictures above, buy the food and prepare…fiesta to follow.  easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

  9. Cat Tan says

    I had to stop watching because if I heard that oregano meant “joy of the mountain” in greek one more damn time, I was gonna lose it.

  10. Julie@seizetheveggies says

    Wow, I am blown away by the yumminess of this post! (Sorry that was truly an unintentional RR reference!). Thanks for a zillion great ideas!

  11. The Contessa says

    Chile rellenos are my fond weakness with a creamy chili sauce, served with avacado and sliced tomaotes.

  12. Emily Goodman says

    hahahah i totally agree with you…Rachel Ray could not be more annoying when she talks! I also want to eat that Jalapano Popper Quiche Cup and the Spicy Sweet Potato right now!!

  13. says

     I know! I bet it is already written. **sigh** I am going to read Hannah (have you read that one?), which is pretty short and then I am going to read Matched. Ahh, love YA books!

  14. David Lavigne says

    wow, i usually bash mexican whenever I can cuz i think it’s really gross, but you have somehow managed to make it look…good enough to eat? lol. think i might! the “quiche popper cups” are def more like my style, and this way i dont feel guilty about my weight afterwards. thx =)


  15. says

    I used to watch RR all the time, she’s the one who got me into cooking to begin with. But the past few years I can’t take her anymore, I couldn’t hear EVOO one more time lol

    You just gave me some ideas for my Birthday party / Cinco De Mayo party this weekend!And now I have a use for all my leftover wonton wrappers! 

  16. says

    Omg, it is because of Rachel Ray that I canNOT will NOT ever in this lifetime say “sammie” when referring to a perfectly good SANDWICH! Ugh, it actually makes me cringe just to type it out! Eww!

    How in God’s name did I miss that tuna salad? Just pinned it and it is definitely happening in the near future! Yum…no “O” required! 😉

    Favorite Mexican dish: my mom’s recipe for beef/turkey enchiladas…one of the first things I learned to make once I was out on my own! I could eat them every week!

  17. says

    Ooh let me know how it is!!!! Do you order actual books or just kindle ones? B/c if you go the ebook route we should just trade/lend books back and forth at this rate! Matched is on my to-read list for sure! Ohmygosh and you HAVE GOT to read the Charley Davidson books [first grave to the right, etc…] They aren’t YA b/c they are a tad bit more.. um… colorful but I love them so flipping much! And you read Divergent already right? LOVE

  18. says

     Depending on how long the wait at the library is, I get hard copy. But everything I want has a long wait list, so I’ve been buying the Kindle books. We should definitely share! I have no idea how to lend or borrow, so you’ll have to help me out. I also have a few epub files on my iPhone, which I know you can transfer to the kindle, but I don’t know how.
    I read Divergent last month – cliff hanger ending! Have you read Insurgent yet? I might read that before Matched :)

  19. says

    I want to like Rachel Ray, but I just find her annoying.  Which makes me feel a wee bit guilty because she seems like a nice person and has never done anything to me.  And BTW with anyone who says EVOO I just want to roll my eyes.  

    I have this bizarre chipotle enchilada dish that I love.  my college roommate scribbled it down from a TV show she was watching, and she didn’t get all the ingredients or steps written down, but to date I still make it with only what she wrote – and LOVE it. 

  20. says

    Her magazine is fan-tas-tic!!! And I agree, she seems super sweet and I love her…. but absolutely loathe her! I think its her voice/verbage that drives me up the wall. Though I have a really weird voice… and my vocab is nutty…. so maybe i’m just as bad =) haha

  21. says

     Gahh, went through the list and not a single book that I own has lending available. I didn’t realize all books weren’t lendable! Boo. But once I do acquire a lendable book I’ll share :)

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