What’s My Age Again?

So I have a confession.

When having lunch with one of my favorite NC peeps, her brother, and the hilariously awesome Maria, the topic of age came up.  I almost always start it because I love teasing the youngest person at the table.  There’s something about calling a grown adult a baby and asking them if they still sleep with their blankee that makes me giggle.  I have issues.  For the record, I can’t sleep without my face-blanket.  That’s about the best way to explain it… the blanket goes over my face and I fall asleep like a purring kitten.  You can imagine what my husband thinks of this =)

Anywho!  The age game, as it always does, presented itself and we went around the table guessing and volunteering information.  As I was teasing my friend’s brother for being 21 and the obvious “baby” of the group I realized something.  I couldn’t remember my age!  Seriously!  It had been so long since someone asked me that I honestly wasn’t sure.  I asked everyone to guess hoping the correct number would correct my temporary memory glitch but… no such luck.  At least they guessed young.  So despite my impending senility, I still felt like I somewhat had it together.
Nearly an hour later I pulled my friend aside to double-check my suspicion.  “I was born in March of 84… Does that mean what I think it does!?”  I’ll let you do the math.  Let’s just say I thought I was younger.

Tomorow is my birthday… and to prepare, let’s have a drink!  I’ve posted smoothies, green monsters, and even a few coffee concoctions, this will be my blog’s first cocktail =)

The first drink is my friend Kim’s genius concoction and, though its almost entirely booze, it tastes light and fruity, like a lemonade-y beergarita.  The other is a drink that will forever remind me of crazy Pensacola summers with my favorite pilots.  Also… it acts as a reminder that a cocktail is always, I repeat, always a better idea than our alternative: taping a Four Loko to each hand and hoping for the best.

Pink Panty Dropper Cocktail with vodka, corona, and frozen pink lemonade
Pink Panty Dropper
 1/2 a Coronoa Light
1.5 ounces of vodka
a spoonful or two of frozen pink lemonade

stir well and serve over ice 

caribou lou cocktail bacardi 151 malibu coconut rum pineapple juice
Caribou Lou 
1 part Malibu Coconut Rum
1.5 parts Bacardi 151 
5 Parts pineapple juice
drink responsibly.
 and maybe take a B-complex vitamin with this one, you’ll thank me in the morning =)


  1. @4loveofcarrots says

    In college they used to make that “pink panty dropper” in a huge bucket and call it skippies. It did you dirty !

  2. says

    Happy early bday! Yesterday was exactly one month until my 30th and I think I’ll be at least pretending like I forgot my real age next time that topic comes up. No matter how I look at it, I can’t get over this milestone. 30! 3-0…how did that happen?!

  3. says

    I don’t know if I can handle the first drink.  I call vodka “The Silent Killer.”  It’s the first thing I ever got drunk on so long ago!!
    Happy early birthday!!  :)

  4. says

    Happy Early Birthday!! Enjoy your day tomorrow, btw those drinks look yumm.  Btw 28 is pretty awesome.  I’m 29…feeling kinda old lol  Party like a Rock Star and be safe! XX

  5. says

    I do the same thing! And we are the same age, my birthday is later this month. The other day a very nice looking man asked how old I was and without hesitation I said 26. I mean, really?? I’m almost 28 … WHERE did I get 26?? haha!

  6. TheMrsatSuccessAlongtheWeigh says

    Thank God I’m not the only person that does that!  I’ve skipped like 2 year periods of time because I felt older when I was heavier and then it was like “Oh yeah, I haven’t hit that yet!”  Or I wouldn’t really acknowledge odd numbered years because they seem off to me.  Now I’M sounding off!  Happy early Birthday!!

  7. says

    Ha ha I have been guilty of forgetting my age as well!  I think past a certain point -the fun “yay Im 18 and can vote/buy cigs and lotto tickets” or “yay Im 21 and can drink!”-there are no more fun ages.  From here on its getting older, where we value things we hated when we were younger- like naps!  Happy early birthday!  PS- Ive been reading your blog for months, and while I can take photos at my current job (no phones allowed in govt building!) I hope to do a WIAW post (weekend style) soon!

  8. says

    Happy Birthday Jenn!! And no kidding, I too have forgotten my age…and as I’ve gotten older, I aged myself…added a year or two, then remembered with great relief of what I had done.

  9. says

    I forgot my age the other week! My birthday is this Saturday I told my friend I was “kind of turning a milestone” because I would be 25. She looked at me like I was crazy because I’m turning 26. Ay yi yi! Hooray for birthday week!! I just might have to try your drinks with some B-complex vitamin!  

  10. says

    happy early birthday. even though I already “sent you a card” on fb – UGH.

    I PUT THE BLANKET OVER MY FACE TOO!!  okay, I’ll stop yelling, I was excited.

  11. says

    I love that you forgot your age.  I don’t remember what my real age is readily, but if you ask me how old I am, I am able to give you my fake age without much hesitation.  I decided upon turning 25, that 25 was enough, and I would not get older.  The next year I was 25 again, and I’ve been decreasing each year since.  My hubby just tels me that I can’t drop to below 18, as that’s illegal in most states πŸ˜‰
    Love the Panty Dropper drink – I’ve had a similar concoction before, but I think I might have to try this one for my upcoming girls weekend.  Thanks for sharing!

  12. says

    ahhhhh I have to check it!!!! Thank you love! We need our catch up sesh when you have a lazy day [I hope you still get those! miss you like crazy!] Glad we’re not only bloggy partners in crime but also face blanket partners too =) haha! Love you!!!

  13. says

    haha I was!! Born on St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland. And I’m only 4’9″. I’m pretty much a real life leprechaun! 

    I will be sure to have some drinks for you too! πŸ˜‰ xoxo! 

  14. Ty says

    This is my birthday month too! I was born in ’89 and I feel ridiculously old. It’s to the point where I talk to an actual child about my favorite kiddy cartoons and they have absolutely no clue what I’m talking about.

    In fact I was listening to a Brand New song this morning and my husband was all ‘Can you believe that song came out 10 years ago?’ I was like wait? What?!

    Wah. :(

  15. Lacy @ NYCityEats says

    Well Happy Birthday! I was born in March 84 also :) it’s not so bad! We’re not that old! lol. Your pink panty dropper drink I used to have in college at some house and frat parties – we called it Skippy. I’m not sure why, all I know is that a night drinking that always always meant that my head would feel like it was hammered to my pillow at 8am when I had class. :) So delicious while you’re enjoying it though, well worth the headache! Enjoy your bday!!

  16. says

    Omg I totally forget my age!!  I joke with the BF that I am 22 and at each bday I say it’s the __ anniversary of my 22nd bday. 

    A month ago I told someone I was 22 and thought about the fact that I accidentally lied later on that day.

    …I am almost 25 haha!

    Happy early Bday girlie!!  Hope you have fun!! :-)

  17. Julia Mestas says

    Happy Birthday!!!!! Well, happy EARLY birthday.  Those 2 drinks sound magical and I am trying to figure out how a pink beer drink would fit my menu for St. Patrick’s Day?  It doesn’t, but I’m making it anyway, it sounds too good!

  18. says

    Ha, I do this all of the time!  Last year I continually told everyone I was a year older than I was and this year I’m a year younger than I am.  Don’t even ask me what my phone number is!

  19. Mikalah says

    Wow, you’re almost exactly 1 year older than me! I slept with a blanket until I married my hubs, now the blanket lives in the closet (but I will never get rid of it…). Both of those drinks look amazing! I will have to bookmark them for a few months out. =) Happy Birthday dear girl!

  20. says

    OMG I can totally relate to forgetting my age…in fact someone had to say to me “I thought you were 25…” and I had to say “oh yea, I am!” Talk about embarrassing. PS I sleep with a bear still….#problems??

  21. says

    One of the first things you lose when drinking alcohol is your water soluble vitamins [like b-vitamins!] so I got in the habit of taking a b-complex or a whole foods multi-vitamin before going out for the night back in college =) It’s not a cure-all but I still like to joke about it <3

  22. says

    ummmmmm, this happened to me too. and bahahha you’re a baby! :P.

    Also I must try this pink panty dropper situation…all those ingredients sound super good together i have no idea why i haven’t had it.

  23. says

    Omg, for reals, if you’ve been drinking like waaaaaaaay too much and you take a multivitamin and an aleeve before bed, you will NEVER have a hangover…something I learned in my wilder days. Not that I would be planning on using the method tonight or anything…;)

    Man, I need some pineapple juice!

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