What I Ate Wednesday Goes GREEN! [WIAW #61]

It’s official – 
I signed up for the Marine Corps Body Makeover Boot Camp on base today! 
Eeeeee!!!!!  I’m equal parts excited and terrified.  Emphasis on terrified.  I can’t help but wonder what my What I Ate Wednesday eats will end up looking like with these 5am body blasting workouts as part of my routine.  I’m fairly ravenous after spinning and zumba, but boot camp?  I can only imagine!
Instead of setting a weight loss goal, I’d like to focus on losing my love handles, gaining lean muscle and furthering the healthification [so not a real word] of my meals and snacks.  I’ll need more protein in my diet, which has always been a struggle of mine.  Just looking at my WIAW below lets me know I have a LOT of work to do in the protein department!  For me that means more quinoa, more legumes, and more seafood!  I also want to jump back onto the green monster smoothie bandwagon and add a little hemp/rice/pea protein blend to those as well.  As far as goals go, an edible goal is always a great one in my book!  Do you have any goals you’ve set for yourself lately?  I’d love to hear em! <3
Like a goober, I overslept and nearly missed my spin class… so the second I realized the time I jumped up, grabbed a cup of black coffee, my water bottle, and a few fistfuls of raisins and booked it!    [snack]  post gym I did a little recipe testing with my dairy-free mocha frappuccinos – sooo good!  It wasn’t long before my stomach not-so-politely informed me It was lunch time.  [lunch]  1/2 a thin crust spinach and feta pizza and lots of agua.  [snack]  Snapea Crisps! Kris got me addicted to them — they are puffy and light like a cheese puff – only without the cheese! In. Love. [dinner]  cheesy spaghetti, spicy edamame, and a handful or two of sweet potato puffs decked out in honey mustard and ketchup.  Overall a super-satisfying day — though I wish I had time for a proper breakfast.  I need to work out my alarm issues on days with early workouts.
and because we’re going green this month, here’s a little extra color splash along with a few tips and tricks for greening it up all over the place.
Now I know green veggies aren’t always the first thing on your mind for breakfast [unless you're partial to spinach quiches or omelettes... then it's a no-brainer!] so why not glam up your granola and greek yogurt with some gorgeous green kiwi, apples, or grapes!
Then you can take it a step further and green your greens!

Skewer an array of vegetables [bonus points for zucchini and peppers!] on a stick and brush with a mixture of equal parts lemon juice and pesto.  You can even layer fresh basil leaves in between the veggies for an extra burst of basil.  
Happy What I Ate Wednesday!
Let’s see how y’all are doing with your green challenge this month:

Peas and Crayons

Want to join the party?  Click here for info! <3
How are you getting your greens lately?


  1. says

    Dried raisins Jenn? Really?? Sure you weren’t asleep when you typed up this post? Bahaha! Don’t worry, I still love your little veggie loving heart!

    Congrats on the sign up! Any kind of workout with the words “Boot Camp” automatically makes me terrified…it reminds me of the hell our high school gym teachers put us through with Billy Blanks and his tae-bull-shit! Lol

    Right now, I have goals, but if I say them out loud they won’t come true…wait, I think I’m confused…eh, I need to go to bed! 

  2. says

    I have to make a conscious effort to get more protein in my diet, too…but really more of ANYTHING that isn’t fruits and veggies. I know that sounds like a silly problem to have, but when you are eating so little dairy and no meat, it takes a lot more thought to get all your nutrients in!

  3. Maria @ Alifetobraggabout says

    Reading your blog makes me miss you. Sigh. Also, that boot camp sounds badass. I’m already so proud of you lol!

  4. Emma Waugh says

    That pizza looks FANtastic. Any time there is feta on a pizza, I almost always order that one. Yummm thanks for hosting, Jenn!

  5. Mattie @ Comfy & Confident says

     Protein is always tough to get. I am struggling tt add more into my diet as well. I hate protein powders and stuff so I need to do it through food. Quinoa it is! 

  6. says

    Protein is the one thing I always make sure I have in my diet. Although I must not be getting enough because I’m not as toned as I was in the summer. GOAL TO GET BACK TO THAT! Good luck on the new work out challenge! I know you can do it :)

  7. says

    I’m with you, Jenn.  I definitely need more protein!  I’ve started to track my protein in my Weight Watchers journal to at least be paying attention to it and of course trying to get more too!  Having trouble linking to WIAW…any suggestions?

  8. Kristen says

    Speaking of green additions to your yogurt… This morning I put 1/4 of an avocado, raspberries, strawberries and the typical cinnamon/drizzle of honey/scoop o granola on my greek yogurt…. the avocado was a random last minute addition. So good! OMG do it! 

  9. says

    Haha noooooo not for me!  I’d have to wake up at 3:30 in the morning to make it down there in time!  Though I bet New River has one too — did I tell you to take Cardio Kick and Spinning there yet?  The instructors I used to take it with over there are AH-MAZING!  So motivating!

  10. Tt in nyc says

    I cant handle much in my stomach before a killer workout, but what works for me (and might for you the nights before bootcamp!) is late the night before i have a super smoothie full of everything plus protein powder and a glob of PB, easy to digest in the evening and im not hungry in the morning- im convinced it helps me power thru!

  11. says

    Congrats on signing up for boot camp!! I’ve really wanted to try it too, but haven’t made it happen yet.  I’ll be curious to hear about it!  Yummy eating day… I need to try those pea crisps.  :)

  12. says

    Oh Sister, I hear ya about them love handles. For some reason they just love to love me, but I too am all about healthification…so it may be a slow goodbye.
    The green smoothies are where it’s at! So delicious and I seriously never thought I would say that.

  13. Meghan @ scratch-made wife says

    I saw on Twitter you were contemplating Boot Camp. ;) I look forward to hearing all about it! I think  I’d be too scared, so more power to you. My new goal: Get my after-dinner snacking under control. It has been bad lately. Just. Bad.

  14. says

    Today’s WIAW eats look especially delicious. Such a simple and AMAZING idea to add kiwi to my yogurt…yes, I do expect to do this ASAP. Like right now. Got to go get green! 
    Good job for taking the boot camp jump. I can’t wait to hear about it…and how sore you are:)

  15. Heather @ Sneakers Of Faith says

    Good luck in boot camp! Looking forward to hearing all about it :) 

    My goals: Complete the Whole30 (I’m on Day 1) & gain 5lbs!

  16. says

    MMM I love the Greek yogurt.  I haven’t tried the pea crisps but I really want to.  AND I also want to try Zumba.  I’m usually pretty competitive but something fun would be a great change!  Once I get some projects done I’m going to look into that.

  17. says

    I’m UBER competitive and zumba satisfies that somehow =) I think b/c I want to get every move and dance right… though i’m certain I look like a little kid that has had too much sugar — jumping around and waving my arms =) haha! Your homework is to try the pea crisps and zumba! MWAH!!!

  18. Shirley says

    I love Zumba, there was a studio I was going to near my house until the owner sold it to some other Zumba instructors and I have not been able to go and check them out. But I LOVE IT, it is a lot of fun and I always got a good calorie burn. I used to think I was  a back up dancer and training to get the moves right LOL!!!.  My goal for this year is to finally reach my weight loss goal and start toning. I am almost there. 
    Hope to be back to WAIW pretty soon. 

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