Another Reason to…

…squirrel away leftover veggies!
bagel thin microwaved veggie egg sandwich
“Hellooooo nurse breakfast!”
These past few days I haven’t felt like cooking much.  Especially in the morning!  All I want to do is curl up on the couch with my extra bold, extra black coffee and catch up on emails and blog reading.  Before I know it, it’s time to hit the gym and I skipped breakfast…. again!  No bueno.  To rescue myself from my lazy alter-ego and still sneak a healthy breakfast in my face, I’m back to batch cooking sauteed veggies [mushrooms, spinach, peppers and onion] so I have LOTS of leftovers.  Now all I have to do is whisk an egg or two in a small, shallow bowl, toss in some veggies, and pop them in the microwave for a few 30 second intervals.  I wind up with a fluffy disc-shaped omelette that I can sandwich between some whipped cream cheese and a bagel thin and *poof!* breakfast!  It’s not rocket science or anything revolutionary but… I’m pretty sure it helped kick my bad habit to the curb =)  Here’s to getting back on track!
Do you have a quick fix for lazy days or, in my case, weeks?
Spill it!


  1. TheMrsatSuccessAlongtheWeigh says

    If that’s lazy, I wanna be it!

    I usually grab cereal when I’m super lazy but scrambling some eggs and a little chipotle cheese and peppers wrapped up in a high fiber tortilla will usually get the job done for me.

  2. says

    This looks great!  I’ve recently been doing something similar with eggs … I add just a little cheese and scrambled them up before nuking them in the microwave.  Makes a great sandwich, with a little grape jelly spread on a sandwich thin (saw it on another blog … so good!). :)

  3. Heather @ Sneakers Of Faith says

    We do this, too :) We had tilapia & steamed broccoli for breakfie today, but on crazy busy mornings it’s all about the scrambled eggs & veggies! My husband’s favorite go-to egg veggie is green beans! He was nervous when I first made it, but now he LOVES it! My favorites are yellow peppers, spinach & mushrooms. The bagel & cream cheese sounds delish but unfortunately we can’t have grains or dairy anymore :/

    How’s the boot camp going?

  4. Andi says

    i totally forget to eat breakfast like all the time.  But when I do remember I like to make plain oatmeal with bananas, walnuts, and a bit of brown sugar. Yum!  I can’t take credit for this, Cassie from Primitive and Proper made me some once and I have been hooked ever since.

  5. says

    This is perfect for those mornings on the run!  It’s no good missing breakfast.   I get hangry when I I miss breakfast and that’s not a good look for me!  I’ll bet this sticks to the ribs pretty good too.

  6. says

    Looks delicious. Kicking bad habits out the window is the best thing for you. If Brandon and I have steak leftovers from the night before I reheat that and add an egg or two to go with it for a quick breakfast in the AM. 

  7. Jessica @ Sushi and Sit-Ups says

    I love eggs since they’re so easy to whip up! I also rely on overnight oats a lot during the workweek!

  8. says

    We always have tofu in the house and frozen veggies (those steamable bags are a time saver!), so a go-to for us is cooking up some tofu and having a side of veggie! Or eggs. I’m a fan of scrambles with bagel thins and some Morningstar sausage patties :)

  9. TheMomChef says

    That’s microwaved? I’d have never guessed it…it really is light and fluffy. I need to give it a try for sure! I usually make a batch of scones and put them in the freezer so I can just pull one out and nuke it for a minute. 

  10. Lauren says

    Away right now, I would die to cook more (grass is greener I know). Funny, I make roasted and steamed veggies in batches rarely sauteed. Such a small thing but I”ll have to give it a spin. Today’s assignment, find a great fruit market. BTW would love to know what your fave travel food items are (come share).

  11. says

    I love the idea of sauteeing veggies in large batches…I often pre-cut them at the beginning of the week so that I can quickly toss them into salads, however this takes time-saving to a new level! Genius. Egg puffs are my quick go-to breakfast as well. :)

  12. says

    YUM!  I roast huge batches of veggies (like brussels sprouts, sweet potato, parsnip, etc.), then they can be dumped on salad, on pasta with sauce, just snacked on plain, etc. with minimal effort/assembly required.

  13. says

    Cereal is my go to! And I don’t think I’ve skipped breakfast in years. I sprint down the stairs in the morning to shove my face as I am always starving! And if i am on the run, I always carry granola bars and fruit leathers for my kids so I can steal those :)

  14. says

    Great idea for a quick breakfast! :) I can’t skip breakfast, I leave for work at 7am and would die otherwise. But I do have to make myself cook batch lunches for the week on Sundays and not let time get away from me.

  15. says

    YES! Oatmeal. Lately I’ve been really good about breakfast, but back in law school I would pop some in the microwave, take my dog out come back in and pour it in a disposable cup with a disposable spoon and haul butt out the door. So easy, yet so plain …  that was before I discovered all the mix-ins to oatmeal (ab, banana, chia seeds)

  16. Saraduree says

    A green monster smoothie is my go to breakfast in a pinch.  BTW, I saw your salmon salad recipe was on the Top 9.  Congrats!  I’m really enjoying your blog.

  17. says

    I think eggs and mushrooms is my fav – and green beans are up there!!! so so so good together I totally agree! And the grains and dairy are overrated anyways 😉 You’re getting the good stuff in!

    I’m still on my zumba/spin schedule but bootcamp starts this upcoming Monday!! eeeee!!!!!! My mom got me new sneakers for my birthday (they have some memory foam in them… holy cow im loving them!) so I think i’m at least properly equipped… let the sore muscles begin!

    How was your weekend love?

  18. Courtney Bliss says

    My laziness seems to be happening at lunch.  Breakfast is no problem.  I love my oatmeal.  But I need something that can easily be prepped either the night before or on Sunday so I can just grab it in the morning.  The other thing is I have to actually want to eat it when lunch rolls around.  I’d been getting fast food so much lately, it was getting really bad.  I’m trying out fruit and grilled chicken for lunch and pita chips and cheese for a snack.  So far it’s working.   I just have to hope it either works again next week, or I can figure out something else.

  19. says

    Smoothies and salads. I have all the stuff ready to go at all times. Also, I love Cheerios and protein bars. I’m boring I know, that’s why I turn to you for beautiful food pics. :) I wish you lived next door. I’d pay you to bring me a plate over every day. :)

  20. says

    I use batched veggies in eggs, but they don’t come out nearly as perty as yours! :)  I’m pretty good about roasting a dozen trays of vegetables at once for various uses throughout the week. 

  21. says

    Go you for always making time for breakfast! Now that i’m starting boot camp i’ll die without it so that should help me keep up with the goal to always have breakfast! =) So far i’m doing good with it!

    Cooking and prepping in batches makes allll the difference right?! I tell everyone I know to try it! =)

  22. Lacy @ NYCityEats says

    This is a great idea! I skip breakfast sometimes too and I know I shouldn’t. I either get so preoccupied or super lazy! If I already had some food precooked that would definitely help out!

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