Impromptu Fish Taco with Sriracha Ranch

Today.  Today, I tried to sneak a day off from blogging.  It was dark, stormy and I had a smokin’ hot date with my DVR.  Half-way through catching up on the Office, I started daydreaming about fish tacos.  So intensely, in fact, that I straight up hit pause and walked away from one of the funniest episodes I had seen in a while.  I proceeded to dive face first into the fridge, plotting a way to whip one up without running out to the store.
Let’s just call this delicious intervention.  I didn’t quite have the conventional fish taco lineup, but ohmygoooosh…. I didn’t need it!  This is exactly what I was craving.  Peppery arugula, flaky lemony flounder, salty feta cheese and a creamy, zesty sauce.
Impromptu Fish Taco w/ Sriracha Ranch
To serve a pair or the whole family, simply up the ingredients.  
No crazy measurements needed <3
What’s in it?
1 fish filet [I had an archer farms lemon chive flounder filet on hand – So good!]
1 corn tortilla
a handful of arugula
a sprinkle of feta
sriracha ranch vinaigrette 
Sriracha Ranch
mix your favorite ranch dressing with little bit of white vinegar and a nice kick of sriracha
Get Cooking!
I wanted the fish extra-crispy so I baked it for about 20 minutes at 400F in my toaster oven, right on the rack!  Fifteen minutes in, I sprayed a corn tortilla with oil and popped it on the rack next to the fish so it could get nice and crispy.  When the timer goes off you’re good to go!  Top the tortilla with arugula, then the fish, drizzle with your dressing and crumble a little feta on top and… wait for it… wait for it… [seriously if you don’t wait a few minutes you will burn the roof of your mouth like a mofo] … Ok dig in! <3
So… How was it?
Freaking amazing.  It was a pairing made in heaven.  I think I’ll forever and ever be making my fish tacos with arugula for now on. and that dressing.  They were made for each other =)  If you have fish lurking in your freezer that needs a little TLC – whip this up!
and with that, It’s time for me to dive into a book and hibernate for a bit πŸ˜‰
Have you read anything fabulous lately?  Spill it!  I need all the suggestions I can get!


  1. says

    A friend insisted I read The Hunger Games (funny that I write that on a foodie blog) I was on the fence (though I will admit I like young adult novels- there is less responsibility and more free-wheelin’ magic) and wouldn’t you know, I.COULD.NOT.PUT.IT.DOWN!

  2. TheMomChef says

    Sriracha burns the heck out of my mouth, but I love the flavor so I can only imagine how wonderful it was with that fish. Your impromptu dinner is fantastic.  I’m in the middle of reading Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series for the second time. Love it just as much as the first. Of course, most of it is based within 30 miles of where I live, so that’s fun.

  3. Sloane @ My Life in Florida says

    I recently read Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain and Souvenir by Therese Fowler. I enjoyed both of them. I like Anthony Bourdain! 

  4. Sloane @ My Life in Florida says

    Yes. He writes just like he talks on the shows. I think I liked reading it more because I could hear his voice as I was reading. If you read the book you will know what I mean.  

  5. j3nndotnet says

    I have been on a nonstop taco/lettuce wrap kick for months now. That’s the biggest fish to tortilla ratio I have ever seen, haha. Awesome. YUM. 

  6. says

    that looks AMAZING!!! can’t wait to try it. 

    and everything you make looks incredible! so so glad I found your blog! stopping by from the blog hop and happy to be a new follower :) 


  7. Jamie says

    Looks delicious!!  I’m in the middle of Room and am really enjoying it!  It’s written from the perspective of a 5 year old, making it a really interesting read!  

  8. says

    I love the genius idea of mixing sriracha with ranch. I recently bought Hidden Valley’s Spicy Ranch salad dressing. It’s ok but I don’t really like their ranch. I do like making it with their powder packets though! I’ll have to mix in some sriracha next time!

  9. Tt in nyc says

    Kitchen confidential was great, but you may find out information you never wanted to know about the restaurant industry….!
    And these tacos have me missing cali where i grew up-ive been fish free for years but use firm tofu with a seaweed seasoning, breaded and baked, shredded cabbage and a pile of salsa fresca, guacamole and tons of cilantro- now im trying your version!

  10. Alphageek says

    This looks great, but it needs more Sriracha!  I sort of miss the contrast of the red against the other colors.  Plus, I love spicy food.

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