1. says

    I’ve never even seen spaghetti squash in our shops.  I’m sooo missing out :( 
    I used to hate avocado with a vengeance, but after training myself to eat it, I now can’t get enough of the stuff!  We’re so fickle aren’t we?

  2. Gail@SophisticatedSteps says

    Yum, yum, yum. Have heard of this. Why I haven’t tried it yet is beyond me. Thanks for the reminder that I need to expand my food palette. 😉

    Oh…and…I haven’t forgotten you. I am busy….oh, so busy….I am busy, and witty and…(you know…sung to the famous tune.) Anyway…sorry I’m MIA in MIA. I barely have time to brush my teeth…and I think hubby likes it when I do that.

    Tootles! (Does anyone still say that? Oh. ME!)

  3. says

    I’ve been like that with tomatoes lately.  I’ve never liked them, but for the past month or so I’ve been having them in caprese salads at least five times a week…I cannot get enough!  I’ve forgotten how much I like spaghetti squash!  I like it sprinkled with parmesan…delish!

  4. Kat says

    I loooove me some spag squash!!  My mom introduced me to it a few years ago and Ive been obsessed with it since :) One veggie I never even TRIED until blogging was spinach. I had always heard it was gross, and then I tasted it. It totally doesnt even taste like anything! lol I love spinach in every form now, well except maybe frozen. The wateriness of it kinda grosses me out!

  5. corey melke says

    I am SOOOO jealous right now… BOO!  I can’t get those here and I so want some…
    im going to pout now for the next 5 minutes.
    xoxo from Trinidad

  6. Julie Snider says

    My 4 year old LOVES spaghetti squash and brussel sprouts.  When I ask what she wants for dinner for the week she almost ALWAYS says, “Swash!”

  7. Leanne @ healthful pursuit says

    I definitely didn’t give sweet potatoes the love they deserved when I was a kid! Definitely making up for it now!

  8. Julia Mestas says

    Eggplant and mushrooms.  My entire life I shunned them.  Now, I eat them, many times a week.  I still can’t get my husband to enjoy spaghetti squash, but he finally likes eggplant, like, a lot!

  9. says

    haha P will eat any squash BUT spaghetti. (well he will eat it but he claims not to enjoy it b/c it looks like “brains”) but eggplant is a good one to cross off the ew list! I always forget to cook with it — gotta work on that! <3

  10. says

    I too am a BIG squash fan! Spaghetti squash is great but I often put the squash back in the oven once I’ve forked it out as I find that helps to dry it up a bit and stop it from getting too squelchy once the sauce goes on!

  11. says

    I too am a BIG squash fan! Spaghetti squash is great but I often put the squash back in the oven once I’ve forked it out as I find that helps to dry it up a bit and stop it from getting too squelchy once the sauce goes on!

  12. jenn@ahomeinthemaking says

    MMMMmmmm, spaghetti squash is one of my favorites. We have it for dinner at LEAST once a week in meals that would usually call for noodles. So good!

  13. Marina@Cowboycountryvegetarian says

    I love spaghetti squash, it amazes me each time I fork all the “spaghetti” out. So cool. I feel like a child again: here the squash is coming out of the oven, here is the fork, and … ta-da! magic has began! I don’t know what I love more: this moment or squash itself… Oh well, I do love squash … with a bonus!

  14. says

    Tomatoes! I used to hate them, because my mom only gave me the big, pale, watery ones. But one day I got to taste a home-grown grape tomato, fresh from the vine. It totally blew my mind! And now I want to eat them every day.

  15. betty @sweatstudysleeprepeat says

    i absolutely LOVE spaghetti squash! my dad has been making it forever.. since he’s always on the low-carb kick.. i could probably eat it every day.. i still haven’t found the best way to cook it though, without almost cutting myself trying to cut it in half, that is.

  16. says

    Yes!!!! I felt that way about them too! It took that one REAL life-changing tomato to set the tone for my relationship with them. I recently discovered a jarred heirloom tomato sauce that changed my mind about sauces as well… its perfection. I’ve never been happy with canned tomatoes so I avoided them in the fall/winter until they were in season again but the sauce… ohmygosh its brilliant for the cold months!

  17. says

    bahahaha do not lose your fingers!

    1. microwave on high for a minute or so to soften, then slice lengthwise

    2. Cut lengthwise AND diagonally! I start at the stem, place the knife right above it, and then slant my slice downwards towards the other side with my hand on the top to stabilize. oh and i sharpen the knife with the sharpener thingie each time before digging in. chefs knife works best.
    hope that helps a little? I was going through the same cutting drama initially! <3

  18. Robyn :) says

    I would not eat tomatoes for YEARS when I was a kid because I choked on one in a restaurant, but once I was brave enough to try them again I loved them!!

  19. says

    Lord, there are SO many fruits and veggies I’ve tried since getting into blogging! I used to HATE brussel sprouts and asparagus, but now I absolutely love them…especially roasted! I swear you could roast any veggie and it tastes about 3000% better!

    I saw that they carry the Dave’s Gourmet sauce at our new Publix and couldn’t help but think of you! :)

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