WIAW #51 [What I ate… before my road trip!]

Fifty-One!? Oh gosh!  WIAW is officially over the hill and loving it!
Happy What I Ate Wednesday Loves!
wiaw 51 over the hill
breakfast coffee, kombucha, banana lunch millers landing: jumbo greek salad with salmon, water snacks Yogi green tea and kombucha, a heaping serving of Love Grown Foods cranberry pecan granola with plain greek yogurt appetizer 1/2 thai-style fried calamari with honey dinner kapow veggie fried rice in a basil + red chili sauce with enough extra spices and chili sauce to make my nose run.  I don’t know why, but I love it like that!  The spicier the better! =)
Though dinner rocked, I was most in love with my lunch:
grilled crusted salmon and greek veggie salad
Believe it or not, this gorgeous salad was a product of a cafe on a military base — proving that you can find awesome eats in unexpected places πŸ˜‰  
Have you ever had an AWESOME meal in an unexpected place?


  1. says

    Oh wow that salad looks super-tasty! Unexpected good meals are the best. One time in Japan, I was wandering around in Ibusuki with a friend late at night, and the owners of a restaurant motioned us inside, and they gave us the best meal ever. I think the most delicious thing was a simple salmon broth soup with rice in it. So simple, but so delish! 

  2. Jessica Bailey says

    yummmmmmm!  That salad looks delish! And we must be soul sisters or something because unless something has some kick (and by kick, I mean a kick in the face), it just doesn’t taste right! I LOVE spicy food!  The fiance introduced me to chili’s, and somehow i’ve taken it to a scary level.  Oh well, it’s great for the sinuses! And Kombucha! THE BEST! Have you had the ones with Chia Seeds? I’m hooked!

  3. Lexie says

    That love grown granola looks SO nice! Maybe because it’s in a glass jar, but it looks just so … delicious! And I never would have paired fetta with salmon, but it looks so delicious! Happy WIAW! =) 

  4. LivelyKitchen says

    Impressive salad for a military base.  The salmon even has a nice crust on it and everything…

    love those granola containers!

  5. Erica says

    ooooo calamari!!! ONE OF MY FAVS!

    ive heard so much about kombucha and have always wanted to try it…also that salad DOES look amazing


  6. says

    Yes! I blogged about our roadtrip food today too! We found this awesome raw restaurant on the drive from Miami to Jacksonville that was amazing – my first raw restaurant honestly. =)

    I need to get back on the kombucha bandwagon. I made my first batch at home and it’s good, but not like the one we get at WF on draft – need to work on the flavoring. 

  7. says

    hehe they’re always fancy when I run out of food in the house and have to eat out for two meals! πŸ˜‰ I bet your eats are GOOOOOOOOOOORGEOUS darling! Everytime you post about food I drool a little =) true story!

  8. says

    I love when I find delicious meals at random places! A few months ago I had one of the best salads ever at a steakhouse! I had to go their for a meeting and was very disappointed with the choice of restaurant, thinking I was going to end up with a bowl of iceberg lettuce. But, I was pleasantly surprised with an AMAZING vegan salad. 
    Everything you ate looks delicious! I’m happy to be back, even though my WIAW is super lame this week due to the stomach flu. ):

  9. says

    tjmaxx and marshalls DOES have some awesome food!!!!! I get my pasta sauce and coffee there!!! as well as other random goodies =)

    Eating from a trailer sounds pretty fun =) I still haven’t even found a food truck! I’m so sheltered here in NC! save me!

  10. says

    I just love WIAW, look forward to seeing and getting ideas from everyone’s delicious eats!
    I had a salmon salad from a little local dive restaurant about a week ago, it was the most amazing salmon I’ve had in a long time. Salmon I feel is hard to get just right, and I wasn’t expected a whole lot of this little place, but they sure came through! I love when your surprised with goodness when it comes to meals!! :)

    I too LOVE spicy! I load up all my dishes with spices, jalapenos, hot sauce, anything that will give it that kick!

  11. says

    You’re so right about salmon! It is near impossible to get GREAT salmon at a restaurant. I feel like i’m on cloud 9 knowing there is a place 20 min away I can go to now and that is affordable on top of it! Glad you found a dive that serves the same deliciousness! =)

  12. Dominique Burleson says

    Man that looks yummy! It’s been sooo long since I have had a kombucha. I may have to go pick one up today. Thanks for sharing! 

  13. says

    Of the kombucha I have tried, Trilogy is my favorite. That salad does look great. Isn’t it fun finding stuff on base to eat. I always get jealous when Brian is on base and they feed them for free… and it all sounds so great. I wish my job did that LOL

  14. Linda says

    Hmmm that salad looks so yum-o! I love those green colors, looks so fresh and crunchy. Ahhh…I’m hungry now. LOL.

  15. Lynette Carruth says

    I’ve never had a salad like that on any military installation that my hubby has been stationed. Apparently, we’ve not been to the right ones! LOL

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