What I Ate Wednesday #53 [Leftovers Schmeftovers]

Paul and I have been on a MAJOR chop chop kick lately!  So much, in fact, that we doubled the recipe and ate them all day long this past Monday.  It was glorious =)  I would say we are entering food jag territory here but… is it really a food jag when you’re eating all your food groups in one meal?  Nahh!
Looking back at my eats, I noticed it was looking a bit summery for the end of January.  I love winter produce, but I have been dreaming of summertime like crazy.  I can’t wait for watermelon, peppers galore, and fresh, homemade salsa from my garden.  Luckily I can start planting in a few months!  Until then, I’ll be trying to stuff my face with seasonal squash, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, spinach, and maybe even some lentils — which I’ve also been craving like mad.  While I plan out my meals for the week, let’s get our WIAW on!

[breakfast] black cawwfeee, 1/2 a jumbo croissant, and a banana that didn’t make it in time for the photo
[lunch] mexican chop chop rice bowl, veggie-style
[dinner] we were swimming in leftovers so…. another chop chop was on the menu for dinner!
[dessert] paul’s infamous extra-tart key lime pie and a glass of 2-buck-chuck pinot grigio
I could eat like this every day of the week and be one happy blogger =)  
Happy What I Ate Wednesday!


  1. says

    I know what you mean with the summer foods.  I lingered by the watermelon at the grocery store this weekend before talking myself out of it.  It couldn’t possibly be good… right?

    Why don’t I ever think to do chop salads?!  I love them.  Especially the Mexican variety.

  2. Toni @ Not Yet A Mommy Blog says

    high-five for two-buck-chuck, pretty much the perfect way to end any day :) I also had a banana today that was devoured before I remembered to take a picture of it. Thanks again for coming up with this idea :)

  3. Lexie says

    I love yellow rice, it just looks so kiddy! I always overdo it when I add the tumeric and it ends up like turmeric porridge….eeeew. At first I thought that was a cheesecake (GASP) but I’ve never tried key lime pie. Is it like cheesecake? (In my next life, I hope I’m a cheesecake. I really do.) Thank you for the party, gorgeous =) x

  4. says

    I was watching a rerun of Chef Roble & Co. while ellipticalizing the other day, and his fill-in chef spilled an entire bucket-sized tub of fresh key lime juice all over the floor.
    I almost fell off the elliptical and/or screamed NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! really loudly.
    The key lime pie was saved, and so was my reputation as a sane person.

  5. says

    mmm, i still haven’t made a chop chop yet, but i love that you guys are eating them like crazy! they look so delicious – i love all the color!

    also, it’s looking like you exceeded your bandwidth limit w/ photobucket and that’s why the wiaw button won’t work. when i insert it on my post, i get a little image from photobucket telling me “bandwidth exceeded”… sad face.

  6. says

    God, why don’t I live in a state where they sell alcohol in grocery stores?!??! Grrrr. I have heard 2 buck chuck is really good. God for the price you can’t beat it. ps.. i want that Key lime pie. That is my fav!

  7. says

    Really enjoyed this post (and the concept behind it) — real people eating real food (or, what food bloggers’ meals look like the rest of the week.)   Love it!  Loved your cawwfeee, too! :)

  8. Shirley says

    That pie looks delicious, thank you for hosting this. Today will be my first time linking up and cannot wait. I will link up when I get home. 

  9. says

    YUMMY! See… I have to get around with my WIAW posts again… You’d be proud of me – so many more veggies make their way into this house now ! (Seriously!) 

  10. M P says

    Your chop chop bowl looks delish!  I may hafta to borrow that idea for the next time I need a speedy lunch or dinner :)  Much healthier than my beloved Chipotle bowls lol

  11. says

    You are growing so much–your blog is out of control!  in a superbly awesome way!  thanks again for linking us all up so we can view other colorful treats around the blog-o-sphere.  I luv that you are an artist at heart!!

  12. Cat Tan says

    have you ever had chocolate dipped frozen key lime pie? ZOMG. They sell it near the federal bldg in Brooklyn. I dream about it.

  13. squigglycarrot says

    I don’t understand! It’s only 4:30 where I am, but 148 people are already linked up with what they ate today… Do people post what they ate yesterday? Or take pictures of what they plan to eat? Or is everybody in the eastern hemisphere???

  14. says

    I feel for you with your glitches!  I was planning to write a quick post today but no, the technical glitch monster decides to pay me a visit and I’ve just had to spend the last hour + trying to sort it out!  What is it with these glitch monsters? They seem to be invading today :(

  15. says

    I think I could definitely eat Key Lime Pie every day for the rest of my life and be one happy dude too. My pants might not fit anymore, but at least my mouth would be pleased. What exactly is two buck chuck, if you don’t mind me asking? I’ve never heard of this but it sounds rather intriguing :)

  16. says

    That makes me want a croissant!!  Also leftovers are pretty much a regular thing around here since it’s usually just me or just me and the BF eating.  You’re leftovers look amazing though!! :-)

    Thanks for hosting friend!

  17. says

    I’m back to the WIAW party.

    I was stuck to the croissant picture. I want some now…I don’t remember the last I ate it.

    P.S. I had trouble using the logo on my blog post. The photo gave me an error. Will try again tomorrow morning.

  18. says

    I’m back to the WIAW party.

    I was stuck to the croissant picture. I want some now…I don’t remember the last I ate it.

    P.S. I had trouble using the logo on my blog post. The photo gave me an error. Will try again tomorrow morning.

  19. says

    If there was a perfect eating day, yours would be it! I LOVE love love croissants, but haven’t had one in yeeears (if you can figure out how to create a gluten free version, I’ll drive to NC tomorrow and profess my love). And the chop-chop salad looks to-die-for delicious. Hello guacamole and creamy dressing (curry, right?)! But what I’m really drooling over is the key lime pie. First of all, a man who makes pie is a keeper! Second, a man who makes key lime pie needs to find another man who makes key lime pie so that I can meet him and marry him. ;-p

    Love you! (And super excited for your visit in March!!) xoxo

  20. says

    so excited to participate in my first #wiaw! thanks so much for hosting – i got so many great ideas for future meals! can’t wait til next week!  (and omg now i’m craving a croissant!)

  21. says

    last week I was a mess =( My bandwith should snap back to normal this week so don’t worry about those little warning buttons on past posts — they”ll vanish by the 7th at the latest – promise!! sorry about the mess =(

  22. says

    so sorry this email got snagged up with a few others! just found it!

    you can photograph any day of the week — we all link them up on wednesday =) though everyone is all over the world in different time zones so it just makes it easier to allow any day to be a food dairy day =) hope that helps!!! xoxo

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