50th What I Ate Wednesday!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!!
Peas and Crayons

Here’s mine! <3

I snuck away from blogging for a bit to travel halfway across the east coast [from NC to FL… I’m so dramatic] to visit family and friends for the holidays.  P and I set a goal to try out a few local eateries during the trip as a reward for our bajillion and one hours spent on the road.  It was a pretty sick ass reward if I do say so myself =)  I have food photos for days but decided to share a few of the highlights and save the others for a special road trip themed post.  
Along with a mandatory trip to Izumo for sushi and sake bombs in SOFL, we visited 3 local restaurants with a mile long list of good reviews.  Just typing this up is making me want to book the next available flights out to Orlando and SOFL so I can eat these again.  This might be the most delicious road trip of my life + if you’re not licking the screen right now…. I’m guessing your vegan or are really really partial to cardboard sandwiches.  Though speaking of vegan eats, next road trip I’m seeking out vegan restaurants!!! I have yet to find one in my teeny tiny military town so my next tip will be a vegan-centric one =)  SO excited!
Hookay so first up was quite possibly the best omelette of my life (aside from the ones my mom makes!) and 100% the best homefries I have ever shoved in my face.  I don’t know what they seasoned them with… but I’m 99.9% certain there were actual bits of crack in there.  Just sayin.
long island cafe sunrise florida veggie omelette
Veggie Omelette + Homefries
Long Island Cafe in Sunrise, Florida

Pom Pom’s was a Yelp find that satisfied my inner fat kid along with my inner hipster =)  
The walls were filled with local art for sale and the menu was foodie-friendly with ingredients you’d never find at a chain restaurant.  Since Paul was away at training for Thanksgiving I missed celebrating the holiday entirely.  We celebrated on Christmas Eve and I said goodbye to my vegetarian ways for a day to enjoy a full blown Thanksgiving sandwich for old times sake.  As an afterthought, I would have kicked the cream cheese and turkey to the curb and subsided off the bread, stuffing, and cranberry sauce alone… but oh. my. gosh was this good!
pom poms tea room orlando thanksgiving sandwich
Mama Ling Ling’s Thanksgiving Sandwich
Turkey, Ginger Cranberry Chutney, Gouda, Stuffing, Cream Cheese + Mashed Potatoes
Pom Pom’s Tea House + Sandwicheria in Orlando, Florida
Yellow Dog Eats in Windermere, Florida
yellow dog eats florida
L to R: Jordan’s Disgusting Meatbomb of a sandwich [Sorry! But ew!], My Apple, Onion, and Brie Panini, and Paul’s Wrap and Broccoli Cheese Soup.  We were all happily stuffed and glad my sister in law, Kelly suggested this place!  Plus we got to write all over the walls… tables… and each other in the process.  Win-Win.
jenn peas and crayons
How stinkin’ cute is our niece?

paul and jenn
I’ll be back with more cheesy photos soon… well… if you need more reasons to laugh, that is! =)


  1. nicoleandgwendolyn says

    congratulations on your 50th!  i am an exbulimic, so reporting on “what i ate” isn’t something that my blog condones.  but you’ve truly earned my respect through your compassionate feedback to my comments, and i’ve deemed your WIAW as not being the cheesy healthy life party that i originally perceived it as being.  i love it!  and i’ve made several friends through it. :)  so i thank you.  i will be joining the party later today.  you have officially earned my WIAW contract. x

  2. says

    Thanks darling! =) Getting to know you through blogging and such makes my heart sing <3 I’m glad I can shatter any stigmas floating around throughout blog land and will try my best to continue to make WIAW something supportive and inspiring to all. I can’t wait to read your post!!!

  3. says

    Don’t sass me woman!

    Actually, please do =) I love it! The party is live now! Put your party hat on!!!!! <3 I post it random times some weeks, It just depends on how sleepy I get or how much I procrastinate =) lol

  4. says

    YAY for the 50th WIAW!! Can’t thank you enough for hosting this every week!! I’ve discovered so many new eats over the past weeks and can’t wait for the weeks to come!!!
    And that is one mean & awesome looking sandwich!! πŸ˜€

  5. Lexie says

    Oh shush, you!
    I SAW IT THANK YOU VERY MUCH =P I thought it was a mistake because I’m so used to it the other ways. Somehow I can’t see myself setting the alarm for 12:00… I’ll probably just forget to go to bed and it will work out anyway, though! Happy WIAW, and my god, I hope I look as good as you at 50.

  6. Lexie says

    LOL whut, you’ve changed it again!? THAT DESERVES SERIOUS SASSING. Well at least you keep us on our toes…or just really confused, either or! =P Thank you for the party hat, I love this party. x

  7. Lindsay Stephenson says

    Thanksgiving sandwiches are probably the best sandwiches out there. I have some cranberries in my freezer hoarded from the holiday. I need to make these a more than once a year tradition.

  8. says

    Thanks for much for hosting these–I’m participating for the first time today! I know I won’t be able to do it every week, but I enjoy hopping over to read other WIAW posts.  50 is impressive!

  9. Tiff says

    Yum!  Thanksgiving sandwiches are my fav!  (I think I would have nixed the cream cheese too though, but it still sounds yummy.)

  10. says

    I’m so happy to be doing an What I Wednesday post today! It’s been so long and I’ve missed it!!! Thanks for keeping it up and running girl. You rock!!!

  11. sarah learns says

    wow, looks like a delicious road trip! :) i want that omelette right now please.

    also, you two are absolutely adorable! i love the pics…

  12. Char M says

    I honestly bet we were in Orlando at the SAME TIME! I love Florida. I did not want to leave it 2 days ago. Now I start a countdown until the next time I can return. Ps – you and Paul are total hotties…you are going to have adorable babies some day. Your niece will do for the cuteness right now lol

  13. says

    Hi! :) Sounds like you had a yummy trip. 
    I am new to WIAW. Is it possible to get my blog name with my link? In the future, should I just include that with my name?
    My blog is Badger Girl Learns to Cook. :) I will be contacting you later this week about doing a guest post. I’m a big fan of your blog! :)

  14. says

    bahaha I hope my kids get mostly his genes!!!! just not that giant head! omg that would hurt! =)

    When were you in orlando!? I was there on xmas eve and then for the wednesday and thursday after xmas. I want to go back STAT! we should plan a trip at the same time next time so we can grab lunch! <3

  15. Julia Chadwick says

    Drooling over that Thanksgiving Sandwich!  The next time I’m in Orlando and hungry, I’ll check that place out!

  16. Erica says

    so jelly of your trip to florida and the amazing food journey you had. NOM NOM NOM!!!!!!!

    while that meaty sandwich looks amazing, it also looks very messy!!

    you and paul=cutest couple of the year award. I love you guys!!!

  17. says

    You are GORGEOUS and your hubby is HAWTNESS!  That’s all I have to say about that.  Moving on…

    That turkey sandwich is sending me back wayyyy back to when my mom actually made a turkey at christmas….and boxing day we loaded up white bread as a sammy like this! DROOL!

    I’m heading to FL for the first time EVER this coming Wed!! YAY!!!


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