Leftover Veggie Re-Mix

I’m teaching this old dog blogger a few new tricks. 
I’m usually a veggie hog and will eat absolutely everything I cook without sparing a single spinach leaf, but running out of veggies week after week and being ridiculously cranky about the whole ordeal is teaching me to store. store. store.   Well… at least enough for two meals instead of one =)  Baby steps!

The Veggie Mix:
Instead of cooking up enough mushrooms and spinach for one meal I decided it was a way better idea to cook all the mushrooms [an entire 10oz package] along with the remaining 1/2 a box-o-organic spinach I had on hand and save the leftovers.  I sauteed them in a splash of olive oil with minced garlic, salt, and black pepper and planned out two meals instead of my usual one.  The first pile o veggies went onto a crusty french bread pizza for lunch and I used the remaining cup of veg for some Italian-style falafel “meat”balls the next day.  
Having pre-prepped, pre-cooked veggies on hand?  
Totally might be the new trend around here!

veggie french bread pizza
 French Bread Veggie Pizza
Shortcut Version:

1 frozen french bread pizza
a delicious heaping pile of sauteed veggies [see above]
parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes for topping

From-Scratch Version:

1/2 whole grain french baguette
a few tablespoons of marinara or spaghetti sauce
a handful of shredded parm and mozzarella cheeses
sauteed veggies [see above]
zesty little red pepper flakes for topping

falafel with leftover vegetables
Veggified Italian-Style Falafel

What’s in it?

1 can of chickpeas, drained and rinsed
1 cup of leftover veggies [see above]
1/2 tsp of Italian seasoning blend, plus a little extra, to taste
1/4 tsp garlic powder
a sprinkle of salt, pepper, and onion powder, to taste.

Combine all ingredients in a food processor and pulse to incorporate.  Roll mixture into balls and bake on an olive oil greased baking tin at 375F for 30-40 minutes until golden brown.  Serve with your favorite sauce!  I tried a few of these with sweet and spicy barbeque sauce and scarfed the rest with some tangy cucumber-filled tzatziki sauce.  Marinara sauce would rock too!  Its nearly impossible to bore of falafel-esque creations thanks to the endless combos of spices and sauces.  Keep experimenting to find your fav!
During the spring and summertime I keep raw, chopped veggies on hand in a “junk bowl” and now during the winter I’m totally going to make various sauteed “veggie mix” combos like the one mentioned above to cut down on prep time and give an easy veggie boost to meals.  Anyone with me? =)


  1. says

    um yum!  love both these recipe ideas!!  I often have leftover sauteed mushrooms and spinach because if they start to show signs of spoiling at all I fry them up asap!  Will have to try them with the recipes above :)

  2. says

    I’m a big fan of throwing any extra combo of veggies on flatbread or in a scramble. Because there are too many times when I have just a little too much of something and would normally have ate it anyway just to get rid of it. Now I have a backup plan. :)

  3. says

    i must admit, that running out of veggies makes me super anxious! so i always buy a ridiculous amount…better to have more! i am glad to hear someone else has this same problem… :) these creations look great – that french bread idea is really smart.

  4. says

    I used to eat french bread pizza for lunch ALL the time. But I only ate bread and sauce, because I was little miss picky eater when I was little, and I wouldn’t eat cheese. (haha)

    I love the veggie falafel idea! you’re amazing. Can I have you in my kitchen?

    But for reals, can we have a blogger meet up PLEASE?! Heck, I’ll drive down just for some veggie falafel πŸ˜‰

  5. says

    These both sound so good!  One of the things I’ve been doing lately is roasting a whole bunch of veggies.  They stay well in the fridge.  They’r great in salads or with grains or pastas.  I need to do that again…soon!

  6. nicoleandgwendolyn says

    your french bread veggie pizza speaks to my soul!  i’m (at this very moment) planning a january trip to paris!  so fabulous! x

  7. says

    You have left me hungry…and its no where close to me to eat lunch. But hey, I have my BIG CSA box at home full of veggies. Will have fun tonight cooking. I never even thought of the oh-so-simple frozen pizza pastry to pile with sauteed veggies. So simple! so good! Tonight’s dinner. πŸ˜‰

  8. Jes @ Becoming Less of Jes says

    I almost always have some sauteed mushrooms, onions (and whatever else I happen to have) in the fridge.  It saves tons of time just doing it all up front and then using it as I go.  I’m definitely gonna try that veggie falafel thing, I’ve never actually made any kind of falafels.  

  9. says

    GREAT idea!  I tend to buy just enough fresh veggies for my recipe.  However, I have a very large freezer to store stocks, soups and meats in!

  10. says

    There are two more authentically falafel recipes on my recipe page too if you want to try something with curry and cumin =) Though I’ll add just about ANYTHING to chickpeas and call it falafel at this rate. so fun to dip in sauce! <3 xoxo

  11. says

    I found your blog from Tessa and am so happy I did! I love it! You have so many great posts on here, I especially love all your recipe ones! This pizza one really caught my eye, I can’t wait to try it! Looks delicious!

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