Green Your Gifting Routine w/ Conscious Box [+ a Giveaway!]

Whether you’re dying to make the switch to natural products or just have a really really difficult time choosing gifts for friends and family, Conscious Box has a fun and fabulous solution =)  It’s like a magazine subscription…  only instead of a magazine you or your friend will receive a mystery box-o-products and samples for any given amount of months you choose.

I would take this gift over a mountain of cookies or lotion set every. single. time.  Besides, these care package-esque monthly subscriptions are SO hot right now. [you have to read that last line Zoolander-style, otherwise I sound like a total tool.  kthx]

conscious box
What is it?A subscription service with a conscience!  Conscious boxes are filled with a variety of natural products including organic snacks, supplements, vegan beauty products, and even Eco-friendly cleaning products for your home.   A unique monthly conscious box of natural products can be ordered one at a time or you can keep the mail box lovin’ coming with subscriptions ranging from 3-6 month plans.  Check out their website for all the glorious details and, while you’re at it, take a look at their mission statement it makes me all warm and fuzzy.
The folks over at Conscious Box were kind enough to send me a box to review for my post, as well as a box for a lucky reader.  This post was 100% my idea to write after learning about this awesomely unconventional service and also because I’m always on the lookout for new natural products to share with you guys!  When I first started this blog I made a commitment to include posts about natural and Eco-friendly products and practices, and gosh darn it, I intend on sticking with it!  I need to get around to creating an entire page for this, so if you’re interested leave me a comment letting me know if you’re going green! <3

What’s in it? 
Each box is different!  The contents vary month to month and are always an awesome surprise!  Here’s a list of the goodies that were in the December Conscious Box:
Full sized products vegan chocolate protein bar, cinnamon air freshener, natural toothbrush sanitizer, sour apple lollipop, two yogi tea bags, ginger chews
Samples lavender crystal bath salts, herbal vegan soap, a wax candle bar [like an all-natural scentsy block!], resveratrol supplement sample, cocoa well true energy supplement sample, amazing grass orac, eco laundry soap [2 load sample], mineral fusion lotion, shimmering lotion , fruit and veggie wipe, dark chocolate

The December CB also included coupons + discounts for products featured  in this box.

Need a visual?
conscious box contents
and as a bonus, the box smelled AMAZING! like candy and cinnamon

So… What did you think? Needless to say, the recycled cardboard box was packed to the brim with stuff!  I devoured the tea and chocolate, use the festive cinnamon stick air freshener daily, and put the laundry soap to work cleaning Paul’s dirty flight suits as we speak.  =)  Between deployments an the holidays this year, I’ve become OBSESSED with care packages, and this company gets a bloggy thumbs up from me! Love. It.
Want to win one?
—-Conscious Box Giveaway!—-
To enter, simply leave me a comment telling me what your FAVORITE natural/eco product or brand is.  This way we can all learn about a new product!
The winner will receive Conscious Box’s special New Years Box for January
I’ll choose the winner on Monday via  Due to mailing restrictions, this giveaway will be open to US residents only.  Good luck loves!
-for extra entries-
Leave a comment for each one you do!
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3. Tweet: 
“#giveaway @ConsciousBox and @PEASandCRAYONS are giving away a box of natural and eco-friendly goodies!”

Giveaway is now closed and the winner has been emailed! =)
Stay tuned for other fun giveaways year-round! xoxo


  1. Gail@SophisticatedSteps says

    I admit…I blog-browse and cook at the same time. I’m very talented. What does this mean? It means I don’t have real time to properly comment at the moment….ohhhh, but I will. This looks awesome aaaand I totally say weird comments, too as in they should be read like so and so. Usually Chandler from Friends. Hahaha!

    And apparently, when I comment from my iPad or iPhone, it doesn’t link to me…only from my laptop. Weird.

  2. says

    My favorite natural product right now are the Vega sport gels – just ordered a box today actually. I love that they don’t have all the junk that is in most sports gels and they actually taste great!

  3. Carly Moorehead says

    I would love to check that out! I honestly have just started getting into more organic/eco friendly, so I would love to win something like that!

  4. Robyn :) says

    My favorite eco/natural products are Shaklee products.  I especially like the laundry detergent and the Basic H cleaner.  It is a membership company, BUT sometimes they have promotions where they waive the one time $20 fee.  There is no monthly or yearly committment.  You can also become a distributor.  I am just a member.

    The box looks awesome!

  5. Robyn :) says

    I liked Conscious Box on Facebook.  Discovered another friend of mine likes it too!!  Kinda wish I knew about this sooner — it would have made a good gift for someone I know :)  Maybe next year.

  6. lauren@spicedplate says

    Wow — how cool!  I really love yogi teas, and preserve toothbrushes — they’re made from recycled yogurt cups and you can send your brush back in its original package (free postage!) to get recycled again!

  7. Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean says

    well i just made this natural lemon scented moisturizing hand scrub with olive oil, sugar, salt and lemon zest and I’m loving it!

  8. Jenn @ Baking Jenn's Blog says

    I’m not sure what my favorite natural brand is – but I do love organic dark chocolate covered almonds! Yum!  I get them at my local health food store.

  9. Kate Wason says

    omg this is EPIC!  currently my fave product is of the homemade energy bar variety – like Picky Bars and YouBar! 

  10. LaRae Cromer says

    I, like the other comment states, LOVE Toms and and their mission to give African children shoes! I’d own every color if I could !

  11. says

    One of my favorite companies is Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap. Not only are their products amazing and eco-friendly, but they are really leading the charge in California against GMOs. In addition, they treat their employees incredibly well and have good business practices.

  12. LivelyKitchen says

    I’m pretty loyal to the Yes To Carrots products.  Especially since I can get them at Target and don’t have to trek all the way to Whole Foods.  I also loved the Burts Bees baby products when my kids were, well, babies.  :)

    ps – speaking of babies, we called both our babies Zoolander for a bit when they went through a phase of making Zoolander faces.  One look?  One Look !?!?!?

  13. Kiri W. says

    I’ve always enjoyed gepa in Europe, they make wonderful chocolate supporting third world laborers that harvested the cocoa beans.

  14. Aubrey Griffin says

    What a nice idea! My favorite eco brand is anything that we can make ourselves. Upcycling and recycling is so hot right now :)

  15. says

    I know I’m unable to enter the giveaway as I’m in the UK, but I just wanted to drop by to say what an amazing gift this would make for eco-conscious loved ones!  If anyone bought me a subscription to conscious box, I would seriously love them forever! πŸ˜‰ 
    It’s hard for me to pick just one eco product as I’ve got so many favourites, but I’ll say ‘Method’ is by far my fav. cleaning product range. Their peppermint flavoured ‘tub n tile’ and ylang ylang shower spray are the lushest smelling bathroom products ever!

  16. Kissmybroccoli says

    Haha! Love the Zoolander reference! That is quite the care package! I can only imagine how great it was to open it up and smell the sweet scent of cinnamon and candy! Mmm!

    I’ve always been a big fan of the Kiss My Face line…and no, I didn’t even think of them when I chose my blog name! Haha! I actually just picked up some ahhhhmazing KMF candles from Kroger the other day that were on sale for like 3 bucks…they’re small but I swear it makes the ENTIRE house smell like Heaven in like 5 minutes!

  17. Cari Hayes says

    one of my favorite all natural brands is Yes to Cucumbers– they make all natural face wipes and other body products that are great (and not full of chemicals)! so refreshing and clean :)

  18. Molly Ruslander says

    My favorite eco-friendly product has nothing to do with home cleaning or gifting… it’s Korres Mango Butter Lipstick (I get mine at Sephora) :)

  19. Debbie (Accidently Delish) says

    one of my favorite natural products is Natures Path. Im not a carb girl or anything πŸ˜‰

    what a great giveaway!!

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