What I Ate Wednesday Par-tay #42

Hey party people!  This week… has been a little off.  I put waaaay too much pressure on myself to belt out recipes this week.  I couldn’t find ingredients I wanted at the store, sunshine was tooootally not cooperating, and there were a few… er… mishaps.  Like dropping a cheesecake.
and then promptly stuffing it back into the pan like nothing ever happened. 
Still edible!

black coffee
water and a clementine
spicy seared scallops [recipe coming soon]
more water
cheddar bunnies
two helpings of vegan green been casserole [based off this delish recipe]
broccoli slaw salad [recipe]
overall a very delish day! =)
Now I’m off to baby the heck out of Roxy the ferret, she’s not feeling too hot.
Keep the little furball in your thoughts? <3 Thanks loves!

Peas and Crayons


  1. Jill @ Vegan in the Kitchen says

    Would have done the same thing.  Crossing my fingers I don’t drop the one I’m making for a friend next week!  Gotta try that green bean casserole.  Yum!

  2. Gfgirlinchicago says

    I love cheesecake so much I still would eat it if it fell on the floor…did I just type this out loud? Since having to go GF, I’m on a mission to make my own GF version. I’m excited to participate in my first WIAW post!

  3. emily says

    haha! That’s exactly what I would have done if I dropped my cheesecake. The 10-second rule still applies, right? 
    And aren’t the So Delicious Coconut Milk yogurts amazing?? I’m hooked. 
    Thanks for hosting WIAW, once again! :)

  4. Toni Leigh says

    ooo I really want to try that brand of yogurt! Looks delicious. Sorry about your cheesecake! :( .. it still looks yummy though. Just thought I would let you know that I’m so anxious to join the WIAW party.. it’s one of the things on my list to do when I’m done with school. Which is in 4 weeks… can’t wait! I’ll work on my photog skills too which have been sorely lacking in my last food posts. Thanks for all the inspiration! :)


  5. says

    oh no! I’m so sorry that happened. There is something to be said for salvaged baked goods though. I once made a bread pudding out of a failed bread. How is that yogurt? I obviously don’t get it over here in London, but I’m going to look for it when I get home!

  6. Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean says

    awww poor roxy. my cats ate half a stick of butter this morning so i’m sure i’ll be babying them tonight :)

  7. theskinnyarchitect says

    I hope Roxy is feeling better :-(. Poor baby ferret. I hate when pets are sick, you feel so helpless. She’ll get better soon!!

  8. says

    My best to Roxy and your eats look good.  I love clemetines but am having a very hard time finding them…maybe they are just uber popular around here.  Happy Wednesday to you!

  9. Mandy Smith says

    I’m looking forward to the seared scallops recipe, yum!! It’s been awhile since I’ve had them.  Hope Roxy feels better sooon!!  

  10. Julia Chadwick says

    Confession:  I totally LOL’d about your cheesecake mishap and that you actually put it back into the pan…nobody could ever tell it was dropped πŸ˜‰

    Hope your little fur-baby feels better!!  Hudson woke me up at 6 am this morning by barfing on my leg….seems to be OK now though!  Hope the rest of the week improves!!

  11. Lindsay Beeson says

    Of all the foods to stuff back in the pan like nothing ever happened, cheesecake is the most worthy. I bet it tasted *good*.

  12. jasriana says

    I would have eaten six helpings of that casserole!

    And I am never going to stop being jealous of the US for having vegan Greek Yoghurt.  The UK is SO far behind when it comes to vegan options.


  13. says

    I’m keeping Roxy in my thoughts and prayers! <3

    Totally jealous of your So Delicious Greek-style yogurt! I’m still searching for it! And I agree–a dropped cheesecake is still a cheesecake…delicious as ever!

    I promise I’ll do a WIAW this month…it’s on my goal list! Love you, girlie!! xoxo

  14. says

    Thanks schnoookums! She needs it! Heck… I need it! What a mess life is sometimes!! But its worth it b/c I have awesome friends like YOU! <3 No stress on the party-age… I know you’ll be back from more =) muahahaha! Hope this week is rockin’ your socks!


  15. says

    Maybe you could spend some time experimenting and MAKE one! =) I bet some xanthan gum and whipped coconut and then yummy add ins would make something glorious. I think you can actually purchase the healthy bacteria at health food stores too! there are some in liquid form and some in capsuls/powder… =) A lot of the stuff I heart isn’t available where i live too if it makes you feel any better! It doesnt help that we always want what we cant have like 100x more eh? =)

    I’ll post the veganized casserole recipe soon! I’m making it again today to take photos! <3

  16. says

    I feel for you with the cheesecake disaster.  I managed to pour a pan of spaghetti down the sink the other day, then scooped it onto the plates as if nothing had happened.  Luckily no one noticed the soap suds on it πŸ˜‰
    Lots of warm wishes are on their way to Roxy for a speedy return to tip top condition.  Oh and a big cuddle too <3 xx

  17. Madeline Wakely says

    Can’t wait for the seared scallops recipe!  YUM!

    Another fabulous party and thinking tons about you and Roxy :)

  18. says

    I always enjoy seeing what others ate on WIAW and it’s nice to see the “source”.  Sorry about dropping the cheesecake….everything looked delicious!

  19. jannabogert says

    Please, please, PLEASE post the scallop recipe soon!  I LOVE scallops and would love to make that for my hubby when he comes back from training and is going to want some yummy food after all those MRE’s πŸ˜‰

  20. Juicygirlblogger says

    i heart ROXY!! love love love <3 <3

    psshhh that cheesecake looks like it never fell πŸ˜‰ haha!

    the snack cheddar bunnies sounds so adorable!


  21. Maria says

    My Internet wasn’t working last night :-/ so next week I will participate! But yes, it was fun! I made a good pumpkin smoothie that I have to share.

  22. says

    ahhh gotcha! I had some major difficulties and i’m just now catching up on reading all the posts! If you ever need me to help or add you the following day just let me know! <3 can’t wait to hear more about your smoothie and eats! <3

  23. says

    I will post them SUPER soon! I made them on a whim the first time and when I tried to re-create them with measurements the second time around I made a HUGE mistake by trying to sear them in grapeseed oil! I failed my face off! So it looks like butter is the way to go with them! One more round of testing in the kitchen and they’ll be blog ready! =)

    oh MREs… girl my marine made me eat like TWO of them over the last few years and I still haven’t recovered! My heart goes out to your hubby! (and mine who will be knee deep in them again soon enough! eep!)

  24. says

    TOTALLY something I would do! Whooo to you for pulling off the spaghetti save! =) hehe!

    Roxy seems to be feeling better! She’s finally a little bit mobile but its usually just to beeline for the peanut butter jar. I spoil her when she’s sick πŸ˜‰

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