What I Ate Wednesday #44 & WIAW Thanksgiving Edition!

So as you may have noticed from yesterdays post-izzle, I have a mondo case of writer’s block kicking my blogger boootay.  While I try to get my mojo back, here’s a peek at what I ate this Monday.  Spin class was on the schedule for me but 3 slices of lasagna?  Totally took me by surprise!  Its OK though!  B/c it was deeeeeeelicious! x3
coffee and kombucha
mexican pizza lasagna
target archer farms strawberry pull apart peels
spinach and zucchini lasagna and veggie side salad

So there you have it, my Garfield-esque day of eats.  Loved every colorful [and veggie-ful] bite of it!  So….. What have you been loving/eating lately?  Spill it!
Happy What I Ate Wednesday! 
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Peas and Crayons

What I Ate on Thanksgiving


  1. Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean says

    i love mexican lasagna. luckily so does hubby :) also, hubby is obsessed with garfield and picked out our cat at the shelter solely because he was big, fat, orange and looked like garfield!

  2. Jessica Bailey says

    I love the ginger kombucha!  So good! And that lasagna looks deliciouss!  Love all the veggies (and cheese, my fav)!!

  3. Lucy @ Porridge and Parsnips says

    Mmm, that Mexican lasagne looks amazing, can’t wait for the recipe! :) thanks for organising WIAW, I love doing it each week, and it’s a great way to get me blogging again if I’ve had a couple of “too tired” days!

  4. says

    It makes me crazy because I can’t find Kombucha.  Everybody talks about it, but I haven’t found it yet.  I’m waiting (impatiently) for the above mentioned recipes!  Happy WIAW!!

  5. says

    Every  Wednesday I think wow, I wish I had one day of eating photos so I could participate.  I will get on that…I am actually thinking about scheduling it in my calendar. Is that sick?  Love the Mexican lasagna.  I could have that every day for a week.

  6. says

    I have never tried mexican lasagna!! I love the idea though. I’m all over the zucchini lasagna as well. I haven’t had any lasagna in ages, which is a shame because it’s one of my favorite foods!

  7. says

    Ooh, at least you ate a nice variety of lasagne! They both look amazing. I’m boring and have only ever eaten normal or vegetable lasagne. I might have to broaden my horizons :)

  8. says

    Next time you should have lasagna for breakfast as well!  I’m picturing a breakfast lasagna with egges and cheese and veggies…yum!  (and at first I thought you had a glass of beer for breakfast)

  9. says

    TONS of peeps put it on their calendar =) You can even do a photo montage of breakfasts lunches and dinners that you’ve eaten over the course of a week if that’s easier! Just anything to inspire your readers! <3 You’re welcome to party with us anytime lovey!

  10. says

    That lasagna looks CRAZY!  Are you sure it’s even lasagna??   I will be waiting for the recipe.

    Thanks for letting us link-up to WIAW fun!  I look forward to it every week now! :-)

    Have a great Thanksgiving girl! <3

  11. says

    bahaha girl you’re crazy! of COURSE they are vegetarian! and the mex pizza is veganized by swapping daiya for the cheese on top or one other vegan substitution that i worked out for the recipe… you’ll LOVE it!

  12. says

    For Wednesday, I ate yogurt with pumpkin butter, taco dip and veggies for lunch and yummy Taco Salad for dinner, amongst cookies and coffee in between. :)  I think I ate more then that?  Hmmmm

  13. says

    Yum! I love lasagna- you can’t go wrong there. :) 
    I’m so sad I missed WIAW this week. My Tuesday (which is when I document my meals) was CRAZY this week. I was on set filming all day and was only able to scarf down a bar and some fruit between takes, so no pictures were taken. But, you can bet I’ll be back next week!

  14. says

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