What I Ate Wednesday #43 [A Two Cups of Coffee Kind of Day]

It doesn’t happen super often, but sometimes one cup just doesn’t cut it! =)
Sorry for the missing photos! I had a few glitches with this weeks’ post.  Probably b/c I’m laughing my face off watching New Girl instead of focusing on what I’m writing.

That being said… “I can blanch or I can talk, but I can’t do both!”

what i ate wednesday eats
pumpkin spice coffee kcup, black
puffins shredded oats cereal and milk 
bbq grilled cheese and tomato panini
bbq grilled cheese tomato pannini
2 slices of rye bread with muenster cheese, fresh roma tomatoes,
and spicy sweet baby ray’s bbq sauce.  comfort food with a kick! <3
water and yet another kcup of black coffee
so delicious greek-style coconut “yogurt” in raspberry
[this totally needs it’s own post. ah. maze. ing]
 pahhhhsta! lobster and crab ravioli + bruschetta + house salad @ Bella Cuicina
Your Turn!

Happy WIAW loves!


  1. says

    Fun fact: I’m allergic to the Pumpkin Kcups. Or something. Drinking the coffee from them causes a weird reaction where my throat gets swollen and my hand itches. Same with Ritz crackers. 
    Other than that, your WIA sounds deelish!

    Tomorrow’s gonna be a 5 cup day for me I bet, seeing as I’m still up.

  2. says

    Ahh! I just bought the So Delicious Greek Yogurt yesterday and I’m in love. I was actually just thinking that it deserves a post of its own. I’ll have to try the Raspberry flavor. It sounds amazing.
    Your panini is gorgeous! Thanks for hosting, as always. :)

  3. Ami parsnipsandpears says

    I FINALLY found the coconut yogurt here in Canada… but we don’t have raspberry???!!!  Making a request at the store this weekend haha. 

    Also, I am currently eating Barbara’s cereal for breakfast as I type this (but the pb puffins…. which I am totally hooked on), they will be part of my WIAW post this evening :)

  4. says

    Jenn, WIAW grows in leaps and bounds every week.  It’s crazy that I’ve been doing this almost as long as I’ve been blogging!  Your bruschetta looks so good.  My all-time favourite appetizer.

  5. Marlene Sykes says

    Eats look GREAT as always! At first glance, your lunch looked like some kind of apple and custard pastry with chocolate sauce on top. lol Thanks for hosting, girl! Love it!!!

  6. Marisa@ the college cuisiner says

    You are making crave Greek yogurt! I do agree last night’s New Girl was hilarious I was watching it as i was posting.

  7. Erica says

    MMMM bruuuscchhettta!! looks delicious!!

    ok i need to watch New Girl…i watched one episode and laughed my buttt off…need to watch more!


  8. says

    I’m dying to try the soy delicious greek style yogurt.  Maybe I should make that hour trek to whole foods with a cooler.    All your eats look great!

  9. says

    I need to try this coconut yogurt…you aren’t the only one I’ve heard giving it high marks.  Please do dedicate a post to it thought so we can get your full thoughts.

  10. says

    Mine was a 2 coffee cup kinda day too! I’ve been having waaaay too many late nights :(
    Your eats look amazing…. especially that coconut ‘yoghurt’.  I can just imagine how lush it tastes πŸ˜‰  I’ve gotta get me some of that! Hope they sell it over here!
    Happy WIAW gorgeous girl! xx 

  11. says

    Wow Jenn, your eats always look so impossibly delicious~ πŸ˜€  And although I’m not really picky, I haven’t acquired the taste of So Delicious.  Maybe this one is better than the other one I tried! Have a beautiful day girlie~

  12. says

    Hey Jenn, oh man I almost didn’t make it this week. I nearly ran out of steam but today I made some persimmon cookies and put up the recipe; phew! I remember you wanted to learn a bit about persimmons from Gina’s blog post the other day. I made a little video showing all about persimmons. :)

  13. Jennifer Newcomb says

    Unfortunately its almost always a 2 cups of coffee kinda day for me! Your sandwich looks awesome – I see some grilled cheese in my future!

  14. says

    “…it’s Jess!!”  :) I can’t get this out of my head! This “New Girl” show has its own very special way of getting you addicted.
    I’ll agree with everyone else: the panini looks delicious. On my side, this Wednesday, there’s a lot of pie eating — will link up so you have an idea of what I mean by this πŸ˜‰

  15. Kate Wason says

    you have a keurig!!! they are the coolest things EVER , I kiiiinda wish I had one.  Are they better than a normal coffee pot would you say? Or more convenient?  Also, that panini is making me drool. you are seriously a food artist. 

  16. says

    I LOVE it!!!! Best gift P and I ever received! Faster, more convenient, easier to clean and just overall awesome! it also makes hot water for tea FAST!!!! which comes in handy b/c it heats faster than I can boil a kettle of water! I don’t use my kettle AT ALL now that i have it! =)

    I would say the medium sized one is a great deal (though an investment!) and worth every penny! stalk black friday sales for sure! xoxo

  17. says

    ohmygosh girl everyone has been thinking that! its cracking me up over here b/c its sooo not something I would do! but it sounds SOOOOO good! =)

    i think we need a chat sesh to catch up once you get settled miss thang! I miss you!

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