Make it Rain, I’m making it SNOW!

Holy crap I just quoted Flo Rida.  It’s going to be that kind of day people!
But I really am making it snow!
MOM!!! If you’re reading this please click that little X in the corner of the screen & go away.  Love you!
snowflake hole punch

Hookay! So now that the coast is clear, let’s get a little crafty today! <3  I’ve been on a care package kick!  My mom has been sending me a few per year since I first went away to college, and the tradition didn’t stop with graduation!  I’ve moved SIX times since then [Oh military!] and with each new casa comes a fun new care package!  I suspect there’s one in the mail for me as we speak and, to return the favor, I put one together for my mom and brother as a surprise!  Holiday themed, OF COURSE!
I picked up this adorable little snowflake punch at the craft store the other day and have been a snowflake making machine ever since.  Seriously!  We’re making it snow up in here!  And by we, I mean me. The ferrets are more amused by the box these babies are going in.
blue and white snowflakes
Snowflakes. For. Days.
So b/c I’m absolutely terrified my mom is still indeed reading, I’ll point out the obvious and leave the goodies underneath a secret!   This care package is going to explode snowflakes all freaking over the place when they open it.  Sorry mom!  Anywho! I included a few surprises along with loooots of gluten-free goodies [What would a care package be without some LOVE? aka Love Grown Granola!] and lots of homemade ornament kits.  I also lined the bottom of the box with holiday teas. As for the rest, that’s between me and the ferrets santa =)
lovegrown granola christmas care package

And as for the OTHER 5,001 snowflakes?

 Hello centerpiece! <3  You can score an entire tube of shiny, sparkly ornaments at Target for a dollar!  Snowflakes + Ornaments + Fancy Schmantzy Bowl = done deal!
Do you get crafty for the holidays?  What would be in your ideal care package? 


  1. says

    your mother sounds to be so sweet!  just like mine!  before posting a controversial blog entry, i will send her a text message reading, “mommy, please don’t read the newest entry!”  (i turn 30 in february).  

    and i do become quite crafty at christmastime!  in fact, i’m in the process of “making” my own holiday cards!  a blog entry on that project is forthcoming!  your care package is lovely! x

  2. says

    Oh my goodness, I love your snowflakes, your care package, AND your centerpiece!  Win, win, and win today (in my opinion!).  I definitely have big plans to get crafty this holiday season, very Pinterest-inspired.  I’ve got lots of supplies purchased but have yet to get my craft on!  As for my ideal care package, I pretty much just adore receiving anything “fun” (aka non-bill-related!) in the mail πŸ˜‰

  3. says

    what a sweet care package — I’m jealous! love the arts and craft in you, too! since I’ve become a professional nomad (ha!) it’s been difficult to get back into the artsy mode — but I can’t wait until I do!

  4. Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean says

    so pretty! love your color combo as always. and care packages are the best!!!! there’s absolutely nothing better than getting a package of goodies in the mail :)

  5. says

    Aw, care packages are the best.  My Mom told me that she sent me a package last week, and every day I’m practically hopping at the post office when I check my box.  Ah, the letdown when it’s empty.  One of the joys of living in the middle of nowhere: it takes FOREVER for the mail to get here.  Maybe today? 

    A snowflake punch would be a dangerous thing for me.  I’d have to seriously talk myself out of giving my shirts snowflake cutout borders along the bottoms.  (No, I’m serious.  I come from a family of cutters.  My sister used to snip pieces out of her clothes when she was a kid because she liked the sound.  See?  We’re disturbed.)

  6. says

    You are Oh So Crafty!  They are adorable and the color beautiful!!  That’s the color you painted something…the bathroom, bedroom?  I forget!  Beautiful, nonetheless!!

  7. says

    You so are crafty.  I love it.  It’s funny – I have a degree in Art and am a [unemployed] graphic designer by trader but I am not crafty at all!

  8. says

    That is a wonderful idea and so many thoughtful things went into it.  I love it Jenn!  Your mom will indeed be very lucky to get it and will, I am sure, appreciate it (after she stops cussing your name for all the freakin snowflakes).

  9. says

    That punch is adorable! If I was still scrapbooking, I’m sure I’d be running out to get one immediately. I love that you and your mom exchange care packages. What a fantastic tradition to keep going over the years. 

  10. says

    The holidays make me feel so crafty! In my ideal care package, one would find: Ginger People Ginger Chews, Peanut Flour (never tried it, but want to!), NuNaturals, some kind of yummy & healthy granola, Ezekiel English Muffins, Nana’s Double Chocolate Cookies, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Chocolate Greens 8000, and craisins. And if it were from a millionaire, I’d happily accept a VitaMix & a Magic Bullet under all of that. πŸ˜›

  11. jenn@ahomeinthemaking says

    SO CUTE! I love all your snow flakes …. they will be such an awesome surprise (or not?? πŸ˜‰ when she opens the present!

  12. says

    That colour scheme is gorgeous – we used it last year for Christmas and might go again this year, it’s just so pretty! And you’re such a sweet daughter to send care packages! I confess I have never received a care package in my life – I think it’s an American tradition that my Caymanian family never got into :( – but maybe I’ll just start sending them myself and hope people will reciprocate ;)!

  13. MeganRay says

    ahhh! I want that hole punch! Way too cute!! And I bet your fam will love their care packages :)

    ps – giving away a healing lotion prize pack on my blog – come enter to win!

  14. says

    Cute snowflakes! 
    I love care packages—it has been quite some time since I got one, but I guess that goes along with living across the street from my mom! She did send me lots in college and when I lived in Boston–always with rice krispie treats….mmm.
    I’m….not crafty. 

  15. Maria says

    I would go NUTS over that hole punch! I think I’ll take myself to a craft store this weekend :-) I think that’s so great your mom has sent you care packages. I only get them when I deploy, which is greatly appreciated!  My ideal care package consists of magazines, gluten-free goodies, and suduko puzzles.

  16. Vien @ We Dare Food says

    Wow! You’re amazingly creative! πŸ˜€ Love all your artwork!
    hmm.. I usually make Christmas cards! hehe always better than store boughts!

  17. Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love. says

    I love all of this! Especially all the purty snowflakes!! I’m going to be making some holiday yarn wreaths this weekend!

  18. says

    So pretty!  Just did my tree today in silver and gold while watching Elf.  Tis the season!  (Actually I will watch Elf any day of the year..who can resist Will Ferrell  in tights??)

    Thanks for sharing friend!!  Gives me some ideas for Christmas gifts! :-)

  19. says

    I am loving those snowflakes!! Right now I’m making my own ornaments with black & white family photos in them and I’m going to attempt a homemade garland and homemade wreath. I’m not known for my craftiness, but I’m going to try!!!

  20. says

    How beautiful that centerpiece is! I love it! You are the most creative girl ever!!!

    I wanted to run something by you, I want to start a WILW , what i love wednesday and wanted to make sure its ok with you first, and if you have any tips , meaning the link up thing, any advice is appreciated! Again, I will not do the WILW unless you are ok with it!

  21. says

    Those snowflakes are adorable!  Your mum is in for such a treat :) 
    Love the centrepiece too! 
    Last year I made my own Christmas crackers and filled them with personalised gifts.  I definitely want to do that again this year… just not on Christmas Eve at ten to midnight.  I’m terrible for leaving things to the last minute.  I’m hosting Christmas this year so I need to kick my butt into gear and get organised!

  22. says

    Oh this post is so sweet! Your mother will be so happy to receive the care package, and the she can come here to read the post, see the photos, and all the comments people have left here.  Happy holidays!

  23. says

    bills are certainly the worst type of mail evahhhh! aside from junk mail! I’m with ya on the pinterest craft explosion this holiday! so much fun! Though I keep forgetting to pick up supplies to make things off pinterest! eep!

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