Bathroom at Tiffany’s

Alternate Title: “I’m Ron Burgundy?”

So if you’ve poked around P&C a little, you know I’m ridiculously obsessed with COLOR!!!  I like to take a blank canvas such as a crisp white plate or light grey walls and then go ape with color all over the place.  Food… Art… Its all better with color!!!!  It’s also one of the cheapest ways to put a smile on my face.  

The most expensive way?  Helloooo little blue box!!!

tiffany boxes

Though while absolutely fabulous, Tiffanys is 100% not in the budget.  So instead, I used this box-o-luxury as the inspiration behind my master bathroom.  Because [A] Who wouldn’t want to shower in a Tiffany’s box and [B] it costs one zillionth of the price! 

dutch boy refresh Hawaiian sky paint
I <3 my color palette!

Enter Hawaiian Sky by Dutch Boy.  It’s a fabulous match for the hue and has the most impressive features…. Oh yes, paint has features!  Well, the good ones do =)

Dutch Boy’s Refresh paint series is one of those rare interior paints that really is green!  The Greenguard-certified paint not only contributes ZERO VOCs to your home but also self-primes, resists mildew, and helps reduce household odors.  [Except Madison’ stinky salmon cat breath… that stuff defies all odds!]  Choosing a light hue gave this paint the added bonus of a one-coat wonder and made my master bath makeover super speedy!  

Painting tip!
I read somewhere that flat paint in a bathroom is a big no-no!  Satin paint gives the appearance of a matte wall with the added durability of a gloss.  So splish-splash away with satin! =)
bathroom makeover before photo

The above photo is actually our master bath’s little brother, since I splattered paint on the walls of the master the second I moved in.  So impulsive =)  Can’t wait to tackle it next!

tiffany box blue bathroom

After a few days of admiring the finished product, I proceeded to bat my eyes yet again. 

“Pauuuulllll… can you take out the shelving in the closet?”
“For me to paint it?”
“You want to paint the closet?  Who does that?!”

master closet tiffany box blue teal makeover
I do!
Whoo! My DIY Storage Cubes have finally found a home!

Basically for the cost of backrub and a sandwich, I gained a painting assistant & the best closet of my life.  Jackpot!  Speaking of cost, Dutch Boy and their fabulous rep saw enough promise in this little foodie blogger to send me to the paint to try for free.  No paycheck here, and the opinions are all mine since we all know how many opinions I have =)  I actually won’t ever buy another brand of house paint again so those smarty pants just gained a customer for life!  Usually painting a small, poorly ventilated space would give me a monster headache and cause me to sneeze my face off, but neither happened with either room!  It actually smelled a lot like non-toxic finger paint.  So much, in fact, that we forgot to crack a window entirely.  The room barely smelled like fresh paint and I loved that I was able to sleep in the connecting bedroom without having to cover my nose.  A few days later, I was able to compare my refresh paint job to a conventional one when my homebuilder’s painting crew came to re-paint a few walls downstairs.  The conventional paint was so noxious that even with opened windows, doors, and fans, I still wound up sneezing my way into an epic headache.  Dutch Boy Refresh 1 : Conventional Paint 0

Green your painting routine!
Painting after or during a move?  Upcycle clean, used garbage bags [we toss clothes in them when we move] and newspaper to prep your rooms for painting.  Re-use rollers and brushes by giving everything a good rinse after painting, and even choose a paint [Like Dutch Boy Refresh!] that is Greenguard certified!  Every little bit helps!

An odd bonus?  
Super detailed tasks like applying eyeliner and tweezing brows is way easier to do in a teal bathroom.  I’m not sure how…  but it totally is!  It also makes me look tan… which… I’m 100% OK with that illusion!  Just don’t call me Casper the Ghost when you see me in broad daylight 😉  My bathroom told me I was tan and gosh darn-it I believe it! 

Lighting Tip!
I added daylight CFL bulbs to the vanity and now it’s even brighter!  If you haven’t made the switch from standard incandescent bulbs to CFLs get your butt to the store and make sure you pick out the daylight ones!  They don’t have any yellow tint whatsoever and make everything look bright and beautiful!  Plus they use significantly less energy!

Don’t forget the details!
DNKY Chrysanthemum Accessories and Towels (Homegoods for $5-14), Anthropologie Porcelain Egg Crate (Found at Ross for $2.50) Hot & Cold Shower rings (Marshalls, $3) Essie Mint Candy Apple Polish, and lastly, Target Corner Shelves painted with Dutch Boy Refresh in Hawaiian Sky <3

Check out Dutch Boy’s Restore My Decor for mood boards, makeovers 
and inspiration galore!

and follow me on Instagram [PEASandCRAYONS] for more decor updates!

Does your bathroom have a color combo?  Or future plans?  
Tell me more! Tell me more!


  1. Ericamariejordan says

    OH MY GOD. JENNIFAH!!! I love this times 10000000000. Tiffany blue is probably one of my favorite colors! this came out amazing and I love the shelves in the closet too and all the little details. need your own design show!! i cant wait to shower in that bathroom one day 😉 haha but for came out AWESOME. You rock!


  2. says

    I love everything about your bathroom! It looks stunning! After only living in our place a year,  I am wishing we went with a lighter color palatte!  We chose earth tone colors and I don’t like them anymore. Haha.

  3. Mikalah says

    Beautiful! I love your tiffany-blue bathroom. I also love that you painted the closet- brilliant move! SO excited to see what you do with the rest of the house. =)

  4. says

    Jenn! Your bathroom looks AMAZING! i love it, good job!!! That is so cool about the ‘green’ paint! My bathroom is unpainted because I live in an apartment but it has a goldfish theme :)

  5. says

    I don’t have one white wall in my house…except my bathroom which is the last room I have to do!  I totally LOVE you bathroom color and it may  have someting to do with the fact that I just painted my spare bedroom the same one!  😀

  6. In_Sweetness_and_In_Health says

    Ah I love that color! Your bathroom and closet look great! I can’t til I have my own place to decorate 😀

  7. Heather @ Sneakers Of Faith says

    Love it!!

    My bathroom was deep teal & light pink. My fiance’s is beige, beige, beige (on the wall, shower curtain, rug – everywhere!!). Yuck! When we get married, though (6 more days!!), our bathroom will be brown, cream & light blue :)

  8. says

    I’M IN LOVE <3 <3 
    It’s so beautiful! I’m in love with the tiles too! Tiffany Blue has a special place in my heart <3 
    My bathroom is pink & grey! That was just after a minor makeover, but if I had the money, I’d do the grey tile/Tiffany’s combo too! =) 

  9. says

    I LOVE this post! What a wonderful idea- being a Tiffanyphile myself, I would love nothing more than the luxurious accent of Tiffany coloured walls!
    My bathroom is currently a butter yellow- but I would like to change it up

  10. says

    Beautiful! I think this is my new favorite color. My bathroom is a nice beige and blue combo but it looks kind of unimpressive next to yours!

  11. Kay says

    Gorgeous color!  Also exactly the shade of the throw pillows I just bought for our living room.  =)  I can’t wait to see the rest of your house get fixed up!

  12. Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean says

    love it! we just redid our master bath and painted it grey…which i thought i would hate but now acutally love!

  13. Lauren says

    Love the title. I’m not a blue girl but that blue is pretty great and such a happy color. I wish I had known more about “green” paints when we did our reno. Oh well. And love that you’re organic except with your wrinkle cream (for me it’s the hair color we all have exceptions, right), made me laugh.

  14. Angela Nelson says

    Oooh  I am loving the blue color!  Beautiful choice!  Love the cute little storage boxes too.  Thanks for linking up at Roomspiration and following me. 

  15. april says

    It looks beautiful. And your enthusiasm is *almost* catching. . .I don’t paint! We have been in our house for five solid years and I still have unpainted crown molding. :)
    But that blue makes me wistful-glad to hear there is a truly NON-stinky paint on the market!

  16. Kate Wason says

    That is the CUTEST BATHROOM EVER!!!!!! I love the tiffany’s box color – and all of the accessories!! :) :)

  17. Cat Alford says

    Jenn! The color is INCREDIBLE!!!!! And I love all of your towels and accessories etc!!!! I cant wait to see more of the house!

  18. Tanja Hester says

    Yay! Love the result in your bathroom and closet. (SOOO worth it to paint the closet!)

    If you ever don’t have access to Dutch Boy, I’ve been having good results with the Olympic Premium paint from Lowe’s (paint only, the primer is way too thin). It’s zero VOC (for real zero, not the “zero” that companies like Benjamin Moore claim even though it’s clearly not true), and though it doesn’t call itself mildew resistant, it’s also C-H-E-A-P! 

  19. iheartorganizing says

    Love the color and that you aren’t afraid of it!  Way to go girl!  Love the inspiration as well!  xoxo!

  20. Laura G says

    Can I just say that I have some major bathroom envy right now?  That is gorgeous!  I totally want your bathroom.. mine is boring!  I am a new follower!  I would be thrilled if you could check out my blog!  Thanks!

  21. says

    Ok, seriously loveee your bathroom!!! The color is fabulous!!!! I can tell you put a lot of time into the planning, because every last detail is perfect :) And what a great idea to add a pop of color to the cabinet. I’m so happy you reviewed this paint bc I know that when we move I definitely want to use earth friendly paint and I hadn’t really done much research yet.

  22. Ninaskarma says

    Absolutely love love love it. Wonderful and what a great read your blog was for me. I am doing my bathroom and my kitchen in this scheme and I am going to get the Dutch Boy reresh in hawaiian dream. Thank you!

  23. Anonymous says

    I’ve recently been eyeing your beautiful bathroom, and so I just went to the Dutch Boy counter to get a paint strip with the ‘Hawaiian Sky’. It seems really light compared to your pictures on here. The second color on that strip is ‘Half Moon Bay’, and that color matches perfectly to my Tiffany boxes. You can see as well on the picture you have with the paint can. I want to paint my bathroom the same color as yours, it just seems the Hawaiian Sky is a really pale turquoise compared to these pictures! Are you positive you didn’t use ‘Half Moon Bay’? :) Thank you..I just want to be sure before I paint my bathroom.

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