What I Ate Wednesday #34 Fast Food on the Road!

I’m so scatterbrained.
I rushed out the door so super fast that I left my memory card (and all my WIAW photos!) at home!  Now while I would love to say it was the WIAW party that threw me out the door so fast, sadly it’s not so.  I was determined to snag yesterday’s $20 Whole Foods gift certificate for $10.  Oh yes, I couldn’t resist.  Did you buy one too? 10 free dollars at whole foods is enough for a few kombucha teas and some yummy produce is a done deal for this girl! Especially when I have another Raleigh road trip planned for the end of the month to get my Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and Homegoods fix! <3 
Long story not-so-short, my day of eats is missing in action.  Bright side? I have photos for next week! Even brighter side? I take half my WIAW photos on my phone… and photographed a ton of my on-the-go eats during road trippage and the recent move, so you will get a peek at what kinds of fast food I stuff in my face when there are no groceries in sight and your tummy is furrrreaking out for something. STAT! <3
Disclaimer: I tried to plan ahead and stock my bag with clementines and larabars but I lost my healthy snack stash in the move [Found it a few days ago actually! Whoo!] and was left to fuel myself on oranges alone.  I practically turned orange in the process =)  True story!  Sign me up for Jersey Shore baby!
Did you manage to read all that? I hope so!!!
*this is not all one day, read above for details silly <3

A few of the things I order when fast food in inevitable 
[aka what happens when everyone else in the car wants fast food except me. Bullies!]

[Taco Bell Mexican Pizza with beans and NO BEEF] [Taco Bell Taco with (yum!) instead of meat]  [Un-Sweet Tea]  [Falafel-Hummus-Eggplant-Salad platters at Sahara Pita]  [Water Water Water]  [Burger King’s Morningstar VEGGIE BURGER]  [Kombucha to help these foreign eats digest properly! HAHA!]  and  [Schlotzky’s toasted veggie sandwich]
Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!! <3
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Peas and Crayons

Peas and Crayons

Now if you’ll excuse me…
I need to get back to channeling my inner Dexter and wrapping my house in plastic.
To Paint =) duh!

See you super soon!
Internet is scheduled for Thursday! Cross your toes for me! <3


  1. says

    I had no idea that BK sells Morningstar Farms veggie burgers.  The last time I went to a BK or McD’s was to buy sweet tea for our ladybugs for the garden.  LOL!  I wonder if the burgers are the vegan ones with no egg whites??  Have fun painting, friend. :)

  2. Megan @ MackeyMadness says

    Yay, I loved seeing this side of WIAW!! It’s neat to see your fast food choices. Totally missing you, dear!!

  3. says

    You KNOW I love the Dexter comment! Haha! I’m actually on the fifth season (via Netflix) already…isn’t it on season 6 now? Boo! I’m gonna be so sad when I can’t get my weekly serial killer tv stalking done! 😉

    Ok, shows how much I eat out…Burger King is selling Morning Star burgers?? You sure they didn’t rub it in beef grease before serving it? Bahaha! I feel you for the whole “forced to eat fast food” thing…I HAD to go to Olive Garden last night with a friend (because I suck at bowling and you know, the winner picks dinner). I can’t believe I paid $30 for soup and salad that I could have made THIS much better at home (+ the cost of my friend’s “victory meal”)! :(

    Good luck Dexter-fying the house! Love ya! xoxoxo

  4. says

    I definitely do not have a WIAW post this week—I think I ate the same thing everyday this week, and pretty sure I can’t blame it on moving anymore! 
    I didn’t buy the WF deal…thought about it, but I’d have to drive almost 6 hours to get to one. The gas expense on that one might outweigh the $10 benefit :)
    All possible body parts crossed for your Internet on Thurs!

  5. says

    I am glad you clarified the Dexter comment…I might have feared for Paul. :)
    Your eggplant, hummus, and falafel platter look so yummy (those are some of my favorite things).  Enjoy the painting!

  6. Katheryn Limback says

    No GTL for you– you have a house to wrap. :) The eats look delectable– especially that falafel. Fingers crossed for interwebs!

  7. says

    lmao “sign me up for jersey shore” i actually laughed out loud!! I like the idea of switching out beef at taco bell for beans, that just makes everything seem much more enticing! smartypants :)

  8. Kat says

    I wanted to buy one of the Whole FOods things, is it still going? Gah I need to get on that!! Hope you get internet back soon girlie!

  9. says

    I wish we had a Whole Foods so I could have purchased that deal. We’re getting a Trader Joe’s soon…maybe groupon will have a deal for them soon…a girl can dream, right?

  10. says

    Yum, I LOVE Schlotzky’s!  We don’t have them here though.  I’ve heard a lot about this Kombucha stuff, but haven’t tried it…I’m still on the fence.  We’ve been in our place for several weeks and have yet to used the stove or oven.  We have been eating out or having sandwiches for literally every meal.  I am dying to do some real cooking, I’ve just got to get the kitchen organized first.  So, at the rate we’re going our first home cooked meal just may be Thanksgiving. ☺

  11. says

    I’ll cross my toes for you if you cross your fingers for me! My big move is tomorrow, and I’m hoping that it all goes smoothly! And I’ll be joining you in covering everything with plastic very soon… I’ve gotta get my paint on too 😀  Can’t wait to see how your decorating turns out <3 <3

  12. Veganaphrodite says

    I am SO making falafels and hummus today! Looks delicious!
    And as always; great WIAW party! Trult a high light during the week!

  13. says

    I would have dashed out the door to snag the Whole Foods deal too! Mine was actually purchased in the middle of the night, after I woke up, tossed and turned, and finally decided to check my phone for e-mails. At 4am 600+ people had already bought, and because I was worried that somehow they’d “run out,” I pulled out my credit card, made the transaction, then went back to sleep. :-) Totally worth it. Haha

    I’m happy to be back partying this week! Wooo! Have fun painting, girlie! I hope your internet is back up and running very very soon! xoxoxo

  14. Tanja Hester says

    I totally feel your pain on the lack of internet! We were internet-less for a few weeks at our new place, but unlike you, I just let my blog go silent. Whoops! :-)

    Of course I grabbed the Whole Foods deal!

    Good luck with the painting! Before and after pics, please!!!!


  15. thehealthycupcake says

    Muahaha, your house is totally Dexter-fied!!  And I tried kombucha for the first time last week…it was interesting.  I guess it takes getting used to?  oh and one more thing, that falafel, eggplant, humus salad sounds uuuuhmazing!!

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