Happy National Coffee Day from P&C + So Delicious! [Giveaway Time!]

Totally not the coffee jitters talking here, but instead I’m super excited today!  Reason 1?  I HAVE INTERNET!!!! EEEE!!!! This past month has felt like a lifetime and I can’t wait to catch up with everyone!  Thank you so much to everyone that continued to tweet/comment/and stop by the blog through my technological issues!  Reason #2 for my excitement?  It’s time for a So Delicious giveaway!  I heart this company so, and have tried pretty much everything they’ve ever made b/c its all… well… so delicious!  So super cheesy, I know!  But true!  Let’s offset the cheese-factor with some cuteness 😉 

 “This box sure smells good”
madison the cat coconut milk box

“Maybe it will rub me…”
cat coconut milk

“mahh!!!!!  I can haz this?  Peas?”
maddie loves so delicious
“I fink I’m ready to change my milk”

The humans [and kitty!] in this house agree, this stuff rocks!  Well, Paul agrees by trickery.  I’ve been sneaking So Delicious into everything he eats for the past 6 months: coffee, quiche, cereal, smoothies, soups, mashed potatoes, cookie dough, dressings, and so much more! <3  He literally has no idea and continues to pick up a small carton of milk when he goes grocery shopping on his own b/c he’s convinced we use it.  Oh Paul…. His dairy shenanigans remind me of a Lewis Black skit. 

[Warning: Lewis Black has a mondo potty mouth.  But his take on “soy juice” is hilarious]
Hopefully you got a laugh out of that =)  Now back to the deliciousness!
so delicious dairy free coconut milk coffee creamer
So Delish is…
[soy-free] [dairy-free] [cholesterol-free] [vegan] [kosher] [non-GMO] [delicious!]
Many products are gluten-free as well!  Whoo!
I practically lived off their shelf-stable coconut milk + cereal during the power outages of Hurricane Irene and jumped at the chance to give away some tasty coconut milk creamers for National Coffee Day!  They sent me a few samples of their flavors [Original – what I buy on a normal basis!] [French Vanilla] + [Hazelnut] and free product coupons for YOU! <3 
FIVE fabulous P&C readers 
will win a free product coupon for any So Delicious product!
You can use it for some luscious creamer in your morning coffee, milk for your cereal, or even for some ice cream to satisfy that after-dinner sweet tooth!  They also have a Greek-style dairy-free yogurt launching soon! eee! I am DYING to try it!
There are 2 ways to enter!
1. Follow So Delicious on Twitter or Facebook
2. Tweet this! : 
“@Peasandcrayons is giving away @So_Delicious coconut milk creamer for #Nationalcoffeeday! [http://peasandcrayons.com]”
Don’t forget to leave a comment for each entry! <3
Giveaway will be open through Wednesday, October 5th
US residents only, though expect a GLOBAL giveaway soon to make up for it! =)
Good luck!!! xoXOxo

Giveaway is now closed. Thanks for entering!
Don’t forget to email me your addresses at PEASandCRAYONS [at] gmail.com


  1. says

    Already follow them! Plus, my kitten does that on EVERYTHING, but especially plastic, or a book. But only if I’m reading the book. She has knocked it out of my hands numerous times! Soooooo glad you’re back, and when can we meet up for a real life hanging out time?! :)

  2. Katheryn Limback says

    Yay interwebs! I didn’t know it was international coffee day! I just so happened to have blogged on my love for coffee today. Coincidence? I think not. I also tweeted about this great giveaway and joined So Delicious on Facebook. 😉 AND, I’m so glad you posted about those restaurants in Tally.  My husband and I are going out for our anniversary and I always wanna try good local places. :) I wanna find that cravings truck– red velvet waffles? Whaaa….?

  3. says

    Mmmm I love coconut milk products. I have found the regular milk, but haven’t been able to find the creamer. :( I use the regular coconut milk in my coffee but would love something thicker and creamier.

    Also the ice cream is boooombbbb.

    I’m a fan of theirs on facebook. :)

  4. GailforSoDeliciousDairyFree says

    Thank you so much for the delicious review, Jenn! Our new Greek-style Yogurt has just started rolling out onto store shelves, and we can’t wait to hear what you think!
    BTW, we love your kitty! So cute!!!

  5. itzyskitchen says

    I totally have been meaning to try their products -especially since I found out that I might be lactose intolerant=boooo.

  6. Rebecca says

    I’m following SoDelicious on facebook AND twitter! Also i love how your commenting system lets you comment on the TOP rather than scrolling through thousands of comments.. thanks! :)

  7. Kissmybroccoli says

    I love Maddy’s cute little face! Hubby foolery is the best…oh, if guys only knew what we ladies were capable of tricking them into eating! Haha! I’m not normally a Lewis Black fan, but omg, that last line was freaking HILARIOUS!! 

    Annnnnnnnd now for my entries…finally! 😉

    I like So Delicious on Facebook AND follow them on Twitter…because I’m an overachiever! 😉 

    Great giveaway girlie! Luvvvvvvv you! Mwah!

  8. says

    HAHAHA Ah…first the pictures of your kitty (a la lolcats) cracked me up. Then I watched the video…my abs hurt from all the laughing :-)

    I am following you on twitter!

  9. says

    Woo-hoo!  I’m so glad you’re back online!  J loves vanilla soy milk.  I can’t drink soy milk…I’m sensitive to soy.  I usually drink almond milk instead.  I laughed out loud at the soy milk bit from that comedian.  When my niece as four, we went to a Chinese restaurant.  She asked for milk, but they brought her soymilk.  She yelled at the top of her lungs “Someone POISONED my milk!” after she took a sip.  Ha!

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