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Hi! I’m Cat from the blog…


and I’m excited to be crashing Peas & Crayons today to share some design inspiration for Jenn’s future living room!! 
Now, I’m kind of a stalker because I went into Jenn’s Pinterest files and scoped out all of the design features that have been catching her eye lately. Because of all that detective work, I know she is loving gray walls and trying to figure out how to make a brown leather couch blend into a beautiful design! So, here’s what I came up with to help her out:
Jenn was crushing on a sleek gray zebra print rug and of course, trying to work around a big brown couch:


I’m obsessed with geometric prints, and I know Jenn loves them too. The subtle pattern on this IKEA chair will coordinate with the gray Jenn wants on the walls without being too overpowering. Any bright color would work as an accent in this room, but I couldn’t get enough of these bright yellow pillow covers.
Solid yellow pillow cover and yellow diamond pillow cover
both $14.50 each from the Etsy store The Lacey Placey

I’ve seen so many amazing DIY upholstered coffee tables, but this one is also gorgeous and under $150.00. Fun accessoires like the yellow lacquer tray and vase give some color to the room and also some function so Jenn’s hubby has a place to put all his legos and remote controls. :)

West Elm yellow lacquer tray $29.00
ZGallerie queue vase $9.95 
Wallstreet upholstered coffee table, $135.00
I thought Jenn’s hubs would like these vintage photographs of military planes given his career, and the subtle geometric curtains add more depth to the room. Brighter colored curtains would work great as well.

ZGallerie Vintage Flight Photograph art 1 and
2 both $89.95 and 27” x 27”
ZGallerie Esha curtain panels in charcoal, $39.95
I couldn’t let the room have too much gray, and I just fell in love with this Target tripod lamp. It’s sleek and modern without being too edgy. This gorgeous pillow from ZGallerie also coordinates with the colors in the room and adds a few more with some pops of turquoise and lime, colors I know Jenn loves.
Target tripod floor lamp, $124.90
ZGallerie aquamarine venus pillow $49.95
Well, that’s the roundup of some design inspiration for Jenn’s living room!
I can’t wait to see what she comes up with!
If you purchased all of these items new, the room would cost around $1,700.00. However, being the Budget Blonde that I am, I have to say that you could easily cut this price in half. First, work with a couch you already have instead of buying a new one. Second DIY your own upholstered coffee table. There are tons of tutorials for this online! Third, sew or hem-tape your own curtains. Lastly, grab a couple cans of spray paint in your accent color and spray lamps, tables, trays, ceramic animals, and whatever else you can find on the cheap at thrift stores & garage sales!
Thanks so much for letting me crash your blog Jenn! And for anyone else wanting design inspiration on a budget, please visit my blog, twitter, and facebook pages!


  1. says

    Cat, this is awesome – I love what you came up with, especially that yellow tray.  Total love at first sight.  And clearly I need to pay more attention to Z Gallerie, since I love pretty much all that stuff you shared from there!!

    I think another idea would be to do the upholstered ottoman/coffee table in a non-leather, because I’d worry about the leather matching the sofa leather well, and also would be reluctant to bring more leather into the space.  But it’s totally a matter of personal opinion. :) 

  2. Cat Alford says

    Thanks so much for having me over Jenn and thanks to everyone for the sweet comments and great critiques!

  3. kate @ pomelo sunshine says

    I love the grey and yellow – those were our wedding colors and I’m dying t makeover my living room in them, the pillows will be a great addition!

  4. Jenn says

    This is AWESOME! Cat, I LOVE all the yellow accents, and all your really great finds. I especially like the ZGallerie pillow … super cute :)

  5. says

    I have a grey and yellow theme in my bedroom that I’m in love with it! The yellow diamond pattern pillow you have above is a great find!! It’s a total must have for my space :)

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