What I Ate Wednesday Par-tay #32

So there’s a 99.9% chance I don’t have internet right now.  
But I planned ahead and got this little shin-dig scheduled so everyone still has a place to party-down for our mid-week shenanigans! <3
I left my camera back at the house with my foodie photos safely stored into the memory card, but I did locate a partial WIAW on my laptop that I never posted! Some weeks I’ll typically photograph a day of eats, forget, and then photograph another day the same week.  Helloooo extra WIAWs!  Forgetfulness totally has its advantages sometimes =) 
PB+J “Sushi” w/ WG bread
water + clementines
6 dried strawberries
6 deep dish pizza cups
I don’t know!!! ahhhh! Judging by the fact that my above eats area all red, brown and orange i’m going to go out on a limb and say i ate somthing SUPER green! Since green is one of my favorite colors to fill my plate with!  So imagine I chowed down on a giant salad or some quinoa fried rice with extra peas and broccoli!
So what I really want to know is, what did you eat? =)

New to the shindig?  [Click here for a How-To!]

Mandatory: add the WIAW button + link somewhere in the post you are sharing so your friends + readers can see what you’re up to and join in on the fun too!  Or simply so they can stalk everyone’s posts like we do =) Email me at PEASandCRAYONS [at] gmail.com or Tweet if ya need help! MWAH!

I flipping LOVE when you guys include a recipe or meal/snack tips WITH your What I Ate Wednesday post, but please please please make sure they are part of a what-I-ate post and not simply a recipe.  This way we can keep WIAW food diary focused… since that’s what it’s all about!  Plus it ups the inspiration factor =) True story!

Peas and Crayons

Peas and Crayons


  1. LivelyKitchen says

    I love those pizza crisps – I’m going to have to ‘borrow’ that recipe!  Hope all is well with you guys…

  2. says

     Ooh I love the PB+J sushi idea!! Can we please have a tutorial someday? I bet it would be fantastic dunked in chocolate fudge or some other decadent spread (in place of the soy sauce, of course!).

    I’m glad you’re doing okay, and praying that the internet is restored stat! Love ya!

  3. Rissy says

    your link-up is so grown up and attracting so  many new bloggers!

    I totally want to go make that PB&J sushi now.. alas I have spent time I should have used for showering, reading blogs.. Yup, I’ll be late for work now. Dang!


  4. says

    I know what it’s like to move and have no internet connection.   Argh!  You’re a smart cookie to set your party up in advance.  The hostess with the mostest.  Every time I set out to make peanut butter sushi, I end up just eating the bread before I even get to the point of rolling it up.

  5. says

    Mmmm… the pizza cups look great! Yesterday, I had an awesome vegetarian lasagna made with homemade noodles. I was too hungry to snap a picture though :(

  6. says

    Those deep-dish pizza cups look gloriousssss! My sympathies about the lack of internet- earlier this week I didn’t have any for five days and it’s ridiculous how behind and out of the loop I felt

  7. says

    I cannot participate today…I didn’t get my sh…tuff together in time.  However Jenn the post I have up on my blog today made me think of you as I have a few “ball” jokes…which brought my back to your post about the key lime larabars.  Enjoy if you get a chance :)

  8. says

    Umm pb & j sushi?  Please share asap!!  In all seriousness, I’ve been making anything and everything possible in wonton wrappers and I don’t know why I didn’t think of pizza!!  As always, thanks for making WIAW possible :)

  9. says

    Okay, LOVE the PB and J sushi! I juts might have to copy you this morning! Good luck with all the moving stuff and the hurricane. Hang in there.

  10. says

    I made your recipe for Quinoa Fried Rice too!  So delicious.  Hope everything is working well for you (internets coming back and what not).  I can’t wait to read everyone’s posts after lecture tonight! 

  11. says

    whoa girl- this party has gotten out of control! I made homemade dried strawberries last night. They were so,so good- and the cinnamon I put on top made the house smell SO good when they were drying!

  12. Veganaphrodite says

    Great party as always Jenn :) Although Im not joining today- which sucks :(( Ive been reading WIAW  posts like crazy, but I really miss to post my own! Cant wait to get my computer back!

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