Eat Your Veggies

I’ve seen entirely too many Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake posters on Pinterest lately.
So I took matters into my own hands =)
Keep Calm and Eat Your Veggies

Much Better!
And I made you a mini one! =) B/c blogs don’t have nearly enough fun buttons!
[if you need a certain size to fit your sidebar, holla at me! mwah!]

Peas and Crayons Keep Calm and Eat Your Veggies

What keeps you calm?


  1. says

    I may need to print this! What keeps me calm? My art, nothing like hitting hot metal with a hammer for a few hours to blow of steam so to speak.

  2. says

    Much better indeed.  And veggies probably would have a calming effect, where as a cupcake would have me buzzing for hours with the sugar rush.


  3. Lauren says

    I want your poster for our offices. There is so much out there about calming down with an indulgence. I am all for a treat but not to relax me. Organized eating, a good run, lavender oil all relax me.

  4. says

    I love this! I’ve seen those too. Yesterday my comfort food was a big salad! Running, deep breathing, music and my boyfriend keep me calm πŸ˜›

  5. says

    I really need to get on pinterest but I fear that I’ll waste even more time ignoring my child as I surf the Internet. I’m terrible with that…

    What keeps me calm? Hmmm. I’m not a calm person at all but I suppose picking up a book is the only thing that can take my mind off things. I’m usually reading one after another…

  6. Katheryn Limback says

    Sadly, usually a cupcake. :( But, with newfound visual inspiration, I can try to make the switch to vegetables. πŸ˜‰

  7. jessie_saxton says

    Thanks for the super cute button! While I do like cupcakes (organically and naturally made ONLY…hence my blog name)…Veggies are so much healthier:)

    Love your blog! I tried your Veggie Fried Quinoa recipe a few weeks ago, using fresh veggies from our garden…my kiddos gobbled it up and asked for seconds!!! Winner, winner, VEGGIE dinner!


  8. says

    ok recommenting!  thanks so much for removing my previous one and for your wonderful email!

    I love your poster. A LOT.  I may just have to add it to my blog!

    my number one tool for keeping calm is exercising, preferably running!  reading and cooking/baking are up there, too :)

  9. Ashley @countyourveggies says

    Absolutely love this button! I especially need to add this button to my blog, “Count Your Veggies” :)

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