What I Ate Wednesday Par-tay #24

I can’t stay away any longer (or wait any longer to get this party started!), I’ve missed you guys so flipping much!  Thanks for all the super-sweet comments — I cannot believe Paul and I have been married for an entire year!  Cah-razy!
Today’s What I Ate Wednesday shenanigans are brought to you by the lovely Jane (love you poptart!) and her fantabulous new shop, Janery!  
Jane will be taking over next week’s WIAW with a fun giveaway for you all!
Here’s a peek at her first round of fab fabric goodies for the shop:
That IKAT pillow is calling my name! <3
So I had a weird day. Carb cravings galore.  The night before we had beans and rice as part of taco night and had oodles left over, so I ate them for breakfast.  Then lunch rolled around and I wanted more.  Sooo…. I went back in to the kitchen and whipped up an entirely new batch of veggies, rice, and beans.  By dinner I had exhausted my rice supply and went with my other carby go-to: shroom topped mushroom ravioli.  I didn’t have any room for much snackage but man… what a delicious, filling day! =)
Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!!

Link back so others can get their WIAW on! 
add the WIAW button + link somewhere in the post you are sharing so other bloggers can join in on the fun too!  WIAW is a fabulous way to meet new friends + find new blogs to stalk ;)  What’s not to love about a giant foodie look-book of meal ideas and recipe inspiration? <3


  1. says

    I like the top middle blue pillow! :)

    I get cravings like that too – the other day I had refried beans and salsa in a teff wrap… for breakfast!

    going to look at more things in Janary now…

  2. says

    You’re so sweet to add my link! I came on the site to see if the party was up…and you already put my never-fashionably-late-always-too-early-and-too-eager self up. xoxo!!!

    I love those pretty pillows. My favourite one’s the graphic pattern with pink, orange and green flowers.

    I love days when I like my food so much that I eat the same thing for every meal. I’d totally join you for beans and rice – twice!

  3. says

    Everything looks so delicious!
    I can’t wait to get my WIAW on later, but it’s only early in the morning here in the UK so i’d better eat something first haha! :D

    P.S Have you entered my giveaway?!

  4. says

    Oh my cute fabric!! I’m in love with everything on the Janery site! I think I’ll buy one pillow in every design, please. And she has Tooth Fairy Pillows? Too cute!

    I *might* be joining the party this week, but if it happens, I’ll be tardy. :-/ (sorry, couldn’t resist). :-D xoxoxo

  5. says

    I missed it this week–I was traveling all day yesterday and didn’t take any pictures :( Next week, I’m back in the game! And I want those pillows!!

  6. says

    I’m so excited this is my first WIAW post!
    I just moved and renamed my blog so i decided i would finally remember to join up, so many of my blog friends already do!
    Love your blog, i’m building a new home too, its fun and stressful all at the same time!
    Have a great day :)

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