Red, White, and Blueberries

Ahhhh! We have so much catching up to do!  Here’s a mini recap of this past weekend.  Ohmygosh and it’s almost the weekend again! Jackpot! <3

Shortcut Berry Trifle

Let’s not kid ourselves here, I’m the last person on earth who will attempt a homemade pound cake.  Baking gives me nightmares.  I will, however, buy a delicious, fluffy frozen cake and get my red, white & blue dessert on every 4th of July.  Gotta love holiday traditions!

Sure I could attempt a berry cheesecake or some sort of fancy schmantzy tart… but this time of year I really just want buckets of cold, crisp fruit in my face, so please don’t make me turn on that oven!  Besides, this is just so pretty, so festive, so… easy =)  Simply cube fluffy yellow pound cake and layer with cool whipped cream, fresh berries, and chilled vanilla pudding.

After P and I polished off an entire bowl of trifle, a little exercise was in order.  Followed by a face-plant into the most delicious watermelon of my life!  The commissary was selling local NC watermelons from a nearby farm and they were nothing short of perfection.  Tomorrow i’m totally buying another one.


  1. says

    That trifle looks sooooo good!!! So does your house – it’s coming along fast! Maybe you should do a little night stalking and grab a bucket of sand here and a bucket of sand there…… the ferrets will thank you πŸ˜‰

  2. says

    I’ve been eating so many strawberries and blueberries recently! I wish I could say I was being patriotic for 4th of July… but I’m English, so I’m basically just eating them cause I’m addicted. I could totally go for that trifle…

  3. says

    Oh gawsh I loooooove watermelons in summer, I totally crave them and could probably eat that darn bowl myself. Crossing fingers for your house’s early finish!!! It is looking so good Jenn!!

  4. says

    okay, I THINK that top photo is gawker worthy – stunning! and your house!! look at it go! so excited for you two. you totally need to snag just a little of that sand for ferret use…

  5. says

    That trifle really is lovely!  Why bake in July?  It’s much too hot for that.  That’s why they invented grocery stores.  I also have a 25-pound watermelon calling my name on the kitchen counter.  I just have to do some more sorting and purging first.  Aaaah…the joys of moving.  Your house is coming along nicely!  I’m sending some be-ready-early vibes!

  6. says

    The house is coming along FABULOUSLY. Hahha.. I now know that you have stars and an American Flag through the whole house picture. But atfirst I thought you had stars painted on your house. And thought it was.. interesting. :)  Yay for it ALMOST being the weekend again!

  7. Helennaturally says

    Awsome progress on the house.  Nothing wrong with purchasing part of your dessert.  After all – Sandra Lee has made a killing on semi-homemade… why didn’ I think of that!

  8. says

    At first I thought that was snow on the front lawn of the house there…gave me horrible flashbacks to January.  It’s a beautfiul house though :)

    Can’t wait for the road trip roundup.

    And no worries about the trifle: I totally would have done the same thing!

  9. Cassie Lee says

    The Shortcut Berry Trifle looks sooooo freakin’ delicious!!! And I am so hitting up whole foods later!!! :)

  10. Veganaphrodite says

    Thanks for the great party yesterday Jenn πŸ˜€ Ive had so much fun looking at everyones delicious eats!
    I know, I cant believer how fast the weeks are flying by, its crazy! And it scares me.. where is my husband and kids and house and dog??? eee

  11. says

    Oooh, so I’m totally behind on my blog reading, but I’m loving getting caught up with your blog. Your patriotic dessert looks so good! And your house is looking great too!

    How are you liking the disqus comments? I’ve thought about installing a third party system, but just can’t decide…

  12. Megan @ MackeyMadness says

    Love love love your red, white, and blue trifle!!!! YUM!!! I can’t wait to see the house all finished. And then visit it, of course! : )

  13. says

    I am in love with your house!! Oh. My. Watermelon. I love watermelon sooooo much. That looks delicious. Your trifle looks delish, too. Totally can be bff with my fruit pizza!

  14. Shellsea says

    I just made a pound cake, way easier than I though! But, your end result is so much prettier, haha! I used my energy on the baking. You have me craving a salad now!

  15. Kissmybroccoli says

    Haha! I see you finally got some watermelon “in yo face”! Love it! I just bought one from Trader Joe’s yesterday…I REALLY hope it’s super juicy and delicious when I crack into it. Nothing like disappointing melons! <- TWHS??

  16. says

    HI! Am your NEWEST FOLLOWER! :o)

    Love your blog – and your trifle looks delish – I love all things trifle – and hoped your enjoyed your watermelon face pile!!!

    I’m visiting one of the blog hops – and love the blog hops you post above! Will have to check out the Weekend Bloggy Reading (I love book blogs!)

    Happy Weekend – AND your Home-to-Be looks wonderful! Hope it goes quickly!


  17. says

    I’m so excited about the house!!! :) It was awesome meeting you (I’m finally caching up on my reading in case you were wondering!), and I’m stealing this trifle recipe. It sounds divine!!!

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