I Celery Heart You

I stand by my motto.
Food is art
cut celery heart flower stamp
celery heart stamp flower painted
Genius right? Thanks to Maureen for the absolutely brilliant idea to use a stalk of celery as a stamp.  I upped the cheese factor by using this freshly veggie-stamped notecard to write P a love letter for our anniversary. Gah!  Who am I?  Though it was worth it to see his face =)
Obviously I soon tired of celery and glanced around the room for something else to paint.  I spotted C-Dawg.  Poor little guy… you would have thought he’d been through enough by now. But no! I not only threw him in some salsa to munch on, but also plucked a few leaves to paint.
I don’t think I’ll ever stop playing with my food =)


  1. says

    I’d never stop playing with my food either if I played with it like this. Love it! My version of playing with my food involves swirling it around my plate, tossing peas at people, and making mountains and valleys out of mashed potatoes πŸ˜‰

  2. says

    I LOVE my celery flowers! I have put their photos on my blog before… when I was making this afternoon’s juice, I left the celery flower on the counter (to take a photo!) and Jason was helping clean the juicer parts, saw it and threw it in the garbage! πŸ˜€  I can take a photo of another one tomorrow… 

  3. says

    Your celery art is to cute! If I can ever tear myself away from eating celery, I’ll do this… I suppose I could just cut off the painted ends though!

  4. Alexandra says

    PLEASE don’t stop playin with your food, you’re art is soo cool! I never would’ve thought celery would make such a pretty stamp, love it! :)

  5. Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean says

    so cute! i did this with my preschoolers when i taught a few years ago and they loved it! we used all sorts of vegetables. and i loved it to!

  6. says

    I’ve seen the celery art on Pinterest and am fascinated by it (previously I’ve only stamped with apple).
    The cards look very cool. 
    Keep us posted if you paint with more :)

  7. Leanne @ Healthful Pursuit says

    So awesome! I just thought of the apple stamps this morning when I was writing my post. You know, when you cut them in 1/2 and it makes a star? So pretty when you add paint to it!

  8. says

    I think we have to find/make art out of our everyday lives to fully enjoy it!  For me, it’s about finding the beauty in things that helps me to make it through the day/week – or at least makes it more enjoyable!

  9. thehealthycupcake says

    Awww, when we were learning about plants, I had my kindergarteners paint/stamp with celery and other chopped veggies.  It was super fun and the kids loved it!!

  10. Maureen Cracknell says

    Thanks for sharing my idea! You got so many great comments!!! I actually have a few ideas similar to this one, me and the kids will have to do a part 2 sometime! : )

  11. Kissmybroccoli says

    How cute! I just had a great idea! White canvas type pillows…fabric paint…celery stalks…yesssssss, this is happening!

  12. Widge says

    I just made a painting like this and now just found your blog!! crazy!! I posted it a couple of hours ago and then went blog surfing…nice to find you :)

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