Guacamole in a Jar!

Thank goodness for blogging right now.  My world is slightly falling apart at the the seams but there’s literally no time to focus on it!  Between reading all the delicious What I Ate Wednesday posts from yesterday, packing my life into boxes, and catching up on my favorite blogs, I’m too busy for tears. So thanks for being my escape right now.  I love you guys more than veggies! <3 
In other news, I totally found comfort in a jar today.  
Not the typical jar of nut butter and overnight oats, but instead a jar of delicious green salsa.
guac in a jar
This yummy jar of salsa was just about finished, but those last few spoonfuls were exactly what I needed to make a rockin’ guacamole.  Since eating your food out of a jar is all the rage lately, I took the idea and ran with it.  
Guac in a jar?  Don’t mind if I do! 
guacamole in a salsa jar
Simply mash an avocado or two into an almost empty jar of salsa, season [garlic powder-onion powder-salt-cayenne pepper-lime juice], stir, and spoon onto chips or veggies for a delicious [and portable!] snack.

Bonus points if you sneak in some diced roma tomato. SO GOOD!
i love mrs renfros green jalapeno salsa

I don’t work for Mrs. Renfro’s [I wish!] but I will continue to shout their awesomeness from the rooftops b/c their salsa makes the world a better place.  It also makes my guacamole over-the-top amazing, and for that, they will forever live in my pantry… and fridge… and maybe even under my bed. This salsa is the secret ingredient in nearly ever mexican dish I make… Buy it.  It adds that special something extra to everything it comes into contact with.  SO GOOD!

For more guacamole recipes – check out my Guac This Way post! <3


  1. says

    This is my parents’ go-to guac recipe, whenever I’m home they bust open a half empty jar of salsa and mash in the avocado! I could do this about every day with the amount of salsa I eat :) hang in there Jenn!

  2. says

    People look at me funny when I sit on the bus eating Mrs. Renfro’s ghost pepper salsa right out of the jar.  Maybe it’s because 1) I’m sitting ON the bus rather than IN it, and 2) I frequently yell, “RAARRR, I’M A DRAGON!”

    This is one of many reasons I’m going to die single and unloved.

  3. says

    even when you’re uber busy? you’re crafty. I love it. I love guac. I love Renfro’s. I love you! glad you’re taking blog breaks to keep sane – wish I could come help you pack.  <3 pessa

  4. says

    Guac in a jar! Love it! You deserve the rockstar status for starting such a blogworld phenomenon :) Good luck with errything, I’m in a similar position

  5. Erica Jordan says

    OOOO delicious jennny boo! I have never tried this salsa before, and I am a salsa lover! I have to go look for this!

    and im flattered that you love us more than veggies πŸ˜‰ THATS HUGE!! haha

    ok as i am writing this post, that picture of the salsa with chips on the right side bar is staring me in the face and screaming at me to make it


  6. says

    whenever I make guac, I ALWAYS mix in salsa and lime/lemon juice :) So good! And good luck with everything you’ve got going on this week xx

  7. says

    AAAAHHHH I LOVE SALSA VERDE!  you cant get it in the uk, britain just doesnt know whats up. so i have to ship it in. makes every meal a fiesta haha.
    oh and cheers for hosting another wiaw aswell! xx

  8. says

    I wish you could come kick the USMC’s butt for me =/ meanies. the packing will happen eventually. luckily i’m scrappy and started early =) everything breakable is getting nicely bubble wrapped and anything non breakable is going in a trash bag. viola!

  9. Parita @ myinnershakti says

    Jenn!  My positive thoughts are with you!  I’m positive everything will turn out ok.  

    And I love the idea of guac in a jar…genius!

  10. says

    yes! I’ve done this, too. And it’s so delicious and easy. And this post reminds me to add green salsa to my grocery list – love it!

  11. says

    Good luck with everything! I know how it feels to be completely overwhelmed. I’m there right now too, sort of running on auto-pilot. Just remember, everything is temporary.

  12. says

    Pretty, pretty guacamole.  I’d love to paint a room that colour!  And every post of yours that I read, I think to myself “I really love her…”.  Ha!

  13. Megan @ MackeyMadness says

    Ahhh, so sorry that you are super overwhelmed, Jenn! Love you…and your amazing guac creations!

  14. says

    genius! salsa, like nut butters, is something that can and should be consumed everyday and the most frustrating part about it is those last delicious little chunks you just can’t get out! Thank you so much for solving this life-long quandry of mine!

  15. Courtney B says

    I am so behind on my blog stalking… are you ok Jen?? Moving is just total craziness! But it will be so worth it when you’re all settled into your beautiful home :) Until then.. I’ll be sending lots of hugs your way :)

  16. says


    Girl, Huuuuuuuuuuuug. It will all work out!!! You are packing to move into your new home and that is ah-mazing sauce. Love you lady. 

  17. says

    Hoe, did I miss this? Haha! I mean, HOW did I miss this?! I love you girl! Guac in a jar…genius! Of course when the guac is ALMOST gone, you can hand over the jar to me (since you’re not an oat lover) and I will have a pretty rocking savory OIAJ! πŸ˜‰

    Love you and you know I’m always here for you! Biiiiiiiiig hugs and veggie kisses! πŸ˜‰

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