Dude, Where’s My WIAW? [Link Party #19!]

As you already know, while I love you to pieces, I refuse to accept excuses.  Sometimes I’ll belt one out and immediately call myself out on it.  And sometimes I’m sneaky and to drop an E-bomb regardless of my motto ;)  Such is life! When it comes to WIAW, lots of bloggers confess that they can’t participate because they eat so fast they forget to photograph their meals for the day.  Noooo excuses, silly bears! <3

Forget to photograph breakfast? or lunch even? You can always try another day or even keep trucking along and try again with the next meal!  <3 Don’t give up! =) I heart you guys to pieces, come party regardless!

In a pinch, a little creativity makes the world go ’round =) Here are some examples of blogs that had a little fun with the WIAW theme:

Michelle + Heather’s What I Wish I Ate Wednesday

Sometimes you just have to laugh at your failed attempts and do this:
wiaw breakfast chobani
Black Coffee + Yogurt + Granola
PB+J Crackers + Raisins

Yogi Green Tea w/ Kombucha 
[a tummy tamer!]
Triple Bean + Veggie Burger w/ Mustard + Jalapeño
Next time i’ll behave and show you some actual food.  
Ya know, if you’re into that sort of thing =) Haha! Without further adieu…
Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!!
Your Turn! 
I’d love to see a day in the life of you! Meals, snacks, drinks — all that good stuff!   If you only have a meal or two to share, thats great too! 

Link back so others can get their WIAW on! 
add the WIAW button somewhere in the post you are sharing so other bloggers can join in on the fun too!  WIAW is a fabulous way to meet new friends and find new blogs to stalk ;)  What’s not to love about a giant foodie look-book of meal ideas and recipe inspiration? <3


  1. says

    {giggle} Good one! I don’t have a wiaw today, mine have been looking a lot like yours; even less then that, no pictures of cleaned off plates.

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