What I Ate Wednesday Link Party #17

 Consider this Wednesday
What I Ate Wednesday [Throwback Edition!]
Because what’s a sick puppy to do when her eats for the last few days have consisted of nothing but guacamole, veggie pizza and generous servings of water, tea, and kombucha? Paul was also sick (though barely, that kid’s immune system is a well oiled machine) and played the “Jenny I don’t know hooow to cook” card.  Preposterous I say! But since the only veggies we had in the house were carrot sticks, avocados, and tomatoes, we sipped tea and ate Paul’s cleverly-titled guac all weekend.

“Guac-quin Phoenix”
I’m one lucky girl? 
Yes. I meant to add the question mark. Love you Bear!
Anywho, here’s a Throwback WIAW [from a few weeks ago] that never got posted.
wiaw what i ate wednesday

Donut House Coffee, Black
Tropical Green Monster smoothie with:
Kiwi, pineapple, green apple, celery, chia, flax and So Delish Coconut Milk

Water (not pictured)
Cheese + Rice Burrito w/ Guacamole + Light Sour Cream

1/2 Key Lime Larabar (review + giveaway coming soon!)

This is where it gets a little odd. No judging! <3
wiaw what i ate wednesday

8 oz GT’s Trilogy Kombucha
Blanched green beans w/ lemon + feta & spicy cajun sweet potato fries w/ ketchup
Somewhere between 8-16oz Red Velvet Cupcake vino

Hiii I’m Jenn! Yes I have my B.S. in Dietetics
annnnd yes I eat what makes me happy! =) *MWAH!*
Your Turn!
Show of what you’re bringing to the party! 
I’d love to see a day in the life of you! Meals, snacks, drinks — all that good stuff!   If you only have a meal or two to share, thats great too! 

Don’t forget to add the What I Ate Wednesday BUTTON somewhere in the post you are linking up so other bloggers can join in on the fun too!

Peas and Crayons

This was our biggest What I Ate Wednesday EVER!!!
Thanks to all the amazing bloggers who strutted their stuff – You guys are AH-mazing!


  1. says

    Yum! I love your WIAW, even if it is a throwback:).

    Thank you for your awesome comment on my blog. When you said you’re nursing your little pet through cancer…I assume you mean an actual animal? Which one? I lost my best friend/cat to cancer last November:(. He was diagnosed around the December/January timeframe, so at least I had a good amount more time with him, but it was one of the toughest things I’ve ever gone through! Watching him be sick and not being able to do as much as I wish I could for him:(. So sad when our loved ones are in pain, even if they are furry kind! (In some ways it’s even worse because you can’t explain to them what’s going on!).

    Anyway, I also did not know that about how you got into nutrition! Thanks for sharing that story.

    This comment got kinda long…probably should have just emailed you. Oh well, too late now!:)

  2. says

    girl, I am sorry you are still sick!! I’m back this week with a WIAW Vacation Edition – we’re home later this week – I need to catch up with all my friends, and I miss my doggie! :)

    I hope this finds you feeling A LOT better, my dear!

  3. says

    You always have awesome eats girl!! I can’t wait to find out about this key lime larabar. I’ve never seen that flavour before but I have a feeling it’s going to tickle my taste buds; I love key lime (especially in pie:-)

  4. says

    Hey Jenn–I hope you get to feeling better!!! The Guac-quin Phoenix looks fabulous! I started a cleanse–so you probably don’t wanna see what I ate. LOL off to nuke some oatmeal….

  5. says

    Are u up for hire as a personal chef?? Because if you see what I ate this past week, you will understand my reasoning here. And I LOVE guac :-)

  6. says

    haha, whatever! Your “I eat what I want” eats are STILL healthier than my “I’m trying to eat right” eats ; ) No place to judge from where I’m sitting!

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