DIY Shredded Jersey Scarf

I saw the most amaaaazing shredded loopy scarf at PacSun today. It was made out of super soft jersey, just like a comfy old t-shit and came in brown, white and grey stripes, and hot pink and black zebra print. And it was $14, which for a trendy scarf that might be out of style by the end of January, was so not happening!

I rushed home to look through my closet to see if I had any jersey knit T-shirts to experiment with. I didn’t, but I did find two dresses from college that I will never. ever. wear again =) Large, oversized tops and dresses will yield an iffinity scarf that you can circle your neck with twice. Smaller garments, like my minidress, will yield one short and sassy scarf.

I sacrificed the loud one first.


Easy enough so far, right?
I think the entire project took 10 minutes… so quick!
The whole idea is to cut the garment and then fold over left to right.
You want to keep the cut edge at the top or bottom of the rectangle.

You don’t have to leave as much room as I did in this photo. I think I left about 2-3 inches uncut.  This allowed chunks of zebra to show in my finished project.  If you’re using a solid color garment then leave less room at ze top =)  or simply say “Whatever! I do what I want!”

I got too excited and forgot to photograph the final step.  I know I know! But it’s rather simple.  Grab the first little hangy loop made by your mad scissor skills.  Put your finger(s) into the loop and pull the loop to stretch it out.  Twist the strand as you pull.  Do this for each of the loops, gently enough not to tear the loop off, but enough to really stretch the little guy out!

Ummm… I love this! My husband is convinced I bought it and trashed the receipt.  I don’t think i’m ever going to live down the time I hid a pair of impulse buy shoes in my car (totally planned on returning them!) and got busted by none other than Paul.  I returned the shoes, like planned, and will be teased for the remainder of my life.
Have you ever hid a purchase from a loved one? 
haha! I had to ask!


  1. says

    Love it!! I’ve seen jersey scarves that are just like normal scarves but they are sewn together so it’s one big loop.. I’ve always wanted to try it from a tshirt or dress!

    Um PS I used to hide entirely filled shopping bags in my car and bring them in when no one was home…Sometimes I’d have several to bring in at once cause I stashed them for so long!

  2. says

    Thank you!!! I was so excited my idea actually worked! It was kind of a shot in the dark.

    Halfway through it I literally stopped b/c I thought It didn’t work!

  3. says

    That is awesome! Good job … and super cute :). My husband is like a hawk with new clothes. He appears to pay little attention to what I’m wearing, but the minute I put on something new he’s all *when did you get that?* It cracks me up! I tried once to pull a *I’ve had this forever* … totally didn’t buy it. Doh. :)

  4. says

    That Scarf is PRECIOUS!!! I love it! I am going to have to make myself one! I really love the Zebra and Blue, never seen the two together but it’s precious!

    The whole hiding a purchase from a loved one, My mom bought my $400 Homecoming Dress that I was in love with and told my Dad it was only $100! Later, he found out different:)

  5. says

    omg how clever are you!! You look super stylish! What a great idea1 I can’t think of anything I would want to shred right now but I’m sure when I search my closet I could find something in there! haha

  6. says

    So cute! I love that you have such a creative, crafty side because as I mentioned before, the most creative I get is with my Excel spreadsheets.

    Love the scarf! You are a superstar for coming up with this.

  7. says

    Thanks so much! I love this idea—I’m totally not crafty, but it looks pretty manageable :)

    I just added it to my list of things to do this weekend— upcycle an old shirt into a weird scarf-y thing!

    Have a fab weekend :)

  8. Ashly@Moon Walk says

    I’m goona try this over the weekend. I never would have thought of it!

    Oh yeah! I gave you a little link love on Moon Walk today :o)

    Have a good weekend!!!

  9. Tys says

    I first read this a couple weeks ago, just wanted to come back and tell you that I gave it a whirl myself. I don’t think it turned out as good as yours, but thanks for the DIY inspiration!!!


  10. says

    i FINALLY used one of my old shirts that i was going to toss to make one of these scarves today! :) i love it! i’m not sure if i did it exactly right, but it worked!

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