Fun Holiday Design Tip: Decorating with Wrapping Paper

Sorry this little innovation came so late in the game… but ohmygosh is it cute!

I lack a mantle in this house, so I’ve began using our TV console as a faux holiday mantle in the meantime! Originally I just decorated the top of the media cabinet until I realized I had one more hack in my holiday game!

Glass cabinets and doors can get in on the holiday fun with a little wrapping paper and a few pieces of tape.  Best of all, you won’t have to spend a dime =)

decorating with wrapping paper for christmas in glass cabinets

I might have to do this for Halloween and other holidays as well!

Simply cut and tape wrapping paper to the inside of any glass door, cabinet, or frame.

Out of wrapping paper?

Use a festive fabric (even a pretty patterned pillow case would work!)

So. Flipping. Easy.


  1. says

    this totally beats my crappy 2 cent “using-gift wrap-as-a-closet door- decoration” haha. wow, u did a fabulous job! adds nice bursts of color doesnt it!!


  2. says

    Simple AND adorable! Love it! Last night, my friends had a christmas party, and they wrapped up a little wire shelf thing in wrapping paper. It was festive AND it hid what was on the shelves! Love it :)

  3. says

    This is a great idea.. and VERY affordable :) I will have to use this idea next year.. we have glass cabinet doors on our tv cabinet that could use a little sprucing up!!

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